Details on the new expansion?


It’s good that the card spoilers for the new expansion has been rolling out. However, we still don’t know other details of the expansion, such as the expansion’s name, themes and mechanics, and other new non-card stuff such as battle boards, emotes, cosemetics, Codex, or anything else.

I love the daily card spoilers, but I feel left out when I don’t even know the upcoming expansion’s name. Maybe these additional details were introduced somewhere in the forum or Discord and I didn’t notice?


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Something to think about: I don’t think this will be a normal card expansion, seeing both a.) the size of the expansion (40 cards) and b.) the lack of info on pre-ordering the expansion (since it is being released in December, it’s suprising that they haven’t revealed any info on pre-ordering packs, especially with where we are in the spoils so far. As an aside, I also got an email that mentions the 6 spoiled faction cards, which may mean that the expansion might come in the next few days/week).

Because of these facts, I believe CPG may release the expansion as their first adventure expansion, although time will tell how they actually go about releasing the cards.


It would be toooo good if they’re releasing an adventure expansion. Hope that’s true man, jesus I’m so hyped up all out of a sudden


You will find out everything you need to know today.


What do you mean by adventure expansion?


i hope they add abbysian grandmaster, all another factions have it.


We already saw the abyssian grandmaster pixel Art, its name is variax. The only faction that dont have a spoiled grandmaster is magmar but i think it Will receive One as well.


where i can see this?


Just search Variax on the forum:)


Like hearthstone’s (for a lack of a better example) Black rock mountain, league of explorers, and one night at Kazakhstan, where you pay to fight against different NPCs to obtain the new cards.


Adventure (+ possibly an event similar to the Seven Sisters one) is quite obvious at this point, it had already been obvious when they “revealed” it will be ~40 cards (such small set in packs would be pointless) and listed boss battles as one of the first aims on their roadmap. Unless they for some weird reason decided to take out preorders and not get any income from them.


Really? Did they? This is new information to me.


@akurane @destroy666 I would be cautious in making assumptions or getting your hopes up. There is no significant evidence pointing to that direction, and a more parsimonious explanation is available: they had conceivably 12+ months to develop and test DoS, whereas RotB is conceivably a 3.5 month turnaround.

It would make sense to have a smaller expansion given the shorter development time, especially given the fact that their Product Roadmap indicates 3-month increments for expansions.


I’m not sure why you quoted only a part of my sentence, which changed the context of my statement. “Unless” is there for a good reason.

@eudaimonia so you’re saying they didn’t find time to reuse the same code for preorders? And you showed no proof that they didn’t start working on it earlier either, you just assumed they worked from scratch after DoS.


Well, just a few more hours I guess :wink:


Yes, and there’s equally no proof that they have been working on this prior to DoS. That’s why the principle of parsimony comes in handy: the less complexity/extraneity, the better. Is it really more likely that CPG have put in an immense amount of time/effort in multi-developing expansions + a story/adventure mode? Add to that the likely potential for release within 2-3 weeks; would they really be waiting this long to generate hype for a whole new adventure mode? I sincerely doubt it.


I’d like to think they have this planned out well in advance… I know story mode and others were in the Kickstarter goal list.


Proper story mode with PVE battles takes a lot of production time in addition to the development time that already go into the new cards. CPG is a small team and a priority seems to be to get that mobile client out and running to expand the player base (hopefully) so I cannot see them ‘wasting’ resources on that.

That being said I would be all for it. I like the lore and I hate booster packs so an adventure style of releasing new cards would be very appealing to me and might actually get me to fork over some money.


On the dev talk stream they just confirmed that they worked on it for a while (most companies at least plan out next expansions before other releases, no matter how big they are) and they’ll publish an article on how to obtain new cards in the new few days. Which is another thing that leads to belief it’ll be an adventure or other kind of single player event, since I don’t see a need for an article informing users they’ll get to buy packs once again.