Desolator spam deck


I can see why cass would be good was thinking the same though, but if the bbs counts as destruction spell it’s bloody smart :slight_smile:


It does. It was tested pretty early in the release :smiley:


don’t have xorl yet but i’ll keep that in mind , no one seems to play hate furnace ? or is that on;y seen at higher rank … am yet to break gold :slight_smile:


Furnace is not very good. Of all Trials Wanderer is good, Strategos and Xor are playable, others are meme tier.


Replay doesnt work for me. Im sending you a friend request to watch, ok?


ok i accepted it


such a shame it looks soooo cool, and basically turns everything to makantor.

Will still play it if I get it.


Ok so i made some changes to my deck and this is what i’ve been running now. I added 1 obliterate because even without shadow creep generation cards it’s pretty good with all those shadow creeps created by bbs spell. I removed dying wish discounts for darkfire sacrifices so i can drop black locust or alcuin early. The goal of the deck is to swarm the board as fast as possible and then profit from soul grimwar. I also changed vellumscry for rite of the undervault because i can swarm faster with draw 6 instead of draw 3. What do you guys think about this deck?


this escalated quickly lol


I think it’s expensive af.

Seriously though, I don’t know. I tried playing your decks and I just can’t. But you can :rofl:


I must be dumb. Doesn’t Obliterate require Shadow Creep?
Edit: Cassyva. Got it.

LOL at your replay! I was expecting a gameplay demo though, but this was fun. :slight_smile:


yeah you kinda need perfect draw to play my decks :stuck_out_tongue:


that’s one way of putting it.

Another would be that you’ll lose every player 1 game when you skip turn 1, burn a card, then play a 1/1 then pass on your second turn.



I swapped alcuin fugitive for ritual banishing and i have 8 win streak with this deck :smiley:


Ritual Banishing is arguably the best spell Abyssian has. Have fun!


easiest boss battle ever :smiley:


That was terribly long to watch, but I really enjoy seeing this flood of immortal Locusts.


yeah i reccomend watching it at x2.0 speed


So i made a few changes because i realised how crazy it is to lower the cost of hexclaw with carrion collector and lurking fear, then draw it with nekomanta, cast on it consuming rebirth and blood echoes while having soul grimwar, xor’xuul trial, desolator heal and 9 removal spells (punish, ritual banishing and necrotic sphere). I cut gor from the deck because since it moves at the beginning of the turn it’s hard to profit from it with soul grimwar. So far I’ve been doing good with this deck i’ll drop 2 replays too. What do you guys think about this deck?


Becomes insanely woke Im testing this as soon as I get home (cuz I opened 3rd Hexclaw