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Desolator spam deck


Becomes insanely woke Im testing this as soon as I get home (cuz I opened 3rd Hexclaw



Looks… surprisingly good.
You’re probably the only player to have found a use for hexclaw.


WARNING:the following content might cause depression for hexclaw enthusiasts.Proceed at your own risk


Do not forget all those decks that just burn your face off or smash it in before you can even play much hexclaw


good luck dispelling all the hexclaws after xor’xuul trial is complete xD. Also even before trial i can consuming rebirth and blood echoes silenced hexclaw. But it’s better to save these after trial because then i can start multiplying hexclaws :smiley:


I forgot that your decks require perfect draw to play and that you akways get that perfext draw through pure *skill


The other decks i made yes but this one have 6 dying wish reduction, 9 removal and 3 potentially infinite heals + some draw. I think this is the most solid deck i’ve made yet :smiley:


Ive been tinkering with Dying Wish Xor hybrid again recently. A drastically different approach to whats going on here, but the principal is the same. Here is what I have so far:


It has felt pretty good so far, but skipping my usual staples of Gnasher and or Chakram, azure shaman, and maybe dancer feels awfully weird. I really do want to cram at least Gnasher in but I have yet to find a good spot.


Looks like a decent deck.

Just watched the first replay. Some misplays on both sides.
Like how you attacked the sentinel with general after minion and not before.
(General attack might trigger sentinel ‘healing’ the damage you did by the minion.)
Most importantly, doesn’t your opponent know Sarlac is eternal :rage:? Was painful to watch your opponent hurting him/herself.

@deathsadvocate Without a finisher like Dancer, are you trying to slowly grind someone to a slow death?


The way this deck works it does not really need a finisher. It plays a tempo game with an unending stream of four attack units that constantly fill your hand. Plus if a carrion collector is around post trial you can spam deso to levels similar to what dancer does.


@deathsadvocate Thank you oh great master of duelyst for visiting my humble thread, it is not worthy your presance. I admire your deck, but if you really wanna add Gnasher i would swap Void Hunter or Daemonic lure for it.

@humancalc Yeah i need to learn all the sentinels to know what they do. I only know abyssian cards and some neutrals :stuck_out_tongue:


We dont do that here


Can I flag this thread for too much Hexclaw? :smile: (jk I’m glad that someone finally found plausible-enough reason to use him in any deck)


Lure is definitely a staple…although I have been trying it at two and necrotic at three. So far I have not felt the need for Gnasher merely because I can put out enough bodies to contest a swarmy deck. But I am still experimenting. Void hunter has come and go from the deck a couple times but the decks whole trick is four Attack spam with unending card advantage so he has served me quite well, I suspect better then gnasher could unless the meta gets really swarmy.

It’s a very proactive deck that tends to stay ahead or even with the opponent early and then Xor seals the end game.

@tobiahu not sure if I am being complemented or being made fun of?

I will likely be dedicating most of today’s stream in a couple hours to it.


@deathsadvocate it was a compliment i saw your decks on forums and they are very advanced, I didn’t mean to insult you my Lord


@deathsadvocate how to find your stream? Also is your name from planescape torment, my fav game?




I think consuming should go away in favor of Gnasher. You are not in a hurry to finish trial with the board you tend to have. What do you think?


It still needs that speed, plus consuming is often tempo positive letting you hit stat break points and getting extra dying wish effects. It’s extra rude on carion and void. Plus if I did fit gnasher it be great with him.

So far I still think triple necrotic and lots of my own bodies tend to do the trick. Gnasher is definitely 3x side deck material though.


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