Desolator spam deck


So this is the deck i used against @lauxcoild in " Tell me Exactly how is this legal?" thread and i want you guys to tell me what you think about it.
It have a lot of combo potential but the main combo i’m aiming for is having 3 desolators in hand with 1 dying wish cost reduction and play them each turn for 9 mana. I added alcuin fugivites so i can copy lurking fear and xor’xuul so i can keep procing carrion collector.


You… you… DISGUSTING MONSTER! How could you do this? HOW?!

I hope you lose every game with this deck.



Cost reduction only applies once. When it returns to hand the desolator is normally costed.


Darkfire Sacrifice is the main thing you’re missing, but otherwise the deck looks surprisingly streamlined. Good job! :slight_smile: I wouldn’t expect this to be able to win much anything from high Gold on, but I can see many fun moments happening with the build.


Yep but cost reduction doesn’t matter in the late game, since you can just keep on double-summoning a single Desolator with the bbs (for your point, indeed playing triple Desos on 9 mana probably doesn’t happen and is unnecessary anyway).


yeah i know but all i need is 1 cost reduction to be able to cast 3 desolators for 9 mana. When they return to hand i want to cast another cost reduction



You should read carefully guys. It works.

What about playing 6 Desolators a turn, @tobiahu? :wink:

BTW, why do you prefer Cass over Maehv?


This looks really cool!

I agree on adding DFS as well to pull out Alcuin Fugitive quickly; DFS + Alcuin Fugitive can stack over multiple turns, letting you do stuff like pulling out an early 2 mana Xor.

After DFS, Alcuin Fugitive pairs best with aphotic drain. After all, 2 desolators+1 aphotic = 9 heal whereas 3 desolators = 6 heal.
(Btw, 2 Alcuin Fugitives healing you for 10 health per turn practically turns you immortal.)

You might not need vellumscry thanks to desolator and nekomata.


@alplod i just love dealing damage with my bbs spell. It reminds me of jaina from hearthstone which is my favorite mage class. Adds a lot of utility. If i have no target to damage i can always cast it on my 1 hp minion like gor sarlac or desolator to progress trial. Casting 6 desolators per turn is entirely possible if i drop xor’xuul and i have some carrion collectors on board.
@unktrial1 i find vellumscry very usefull because lategame when all my minions cost 0 mana all i need card draw to keep adding stuff on board.
@miguelosz I am hesitant about adding DFS because i already get too many mana reduction and even with card draw cards i find myself not spending mana :stuck_out_tongue:


Ive only memed with abyssian, but isnt this list lacking some removal?
Say you switch Aphotic Drain for Punish, how would that affect the deck?
Maybe its not perferred because its a Xor list
Also, Blood Echoes progresses trial, but is it actually worth it? I guess with Nekomata and Collector on board it is, but I dunno, still find it questionable
Perhaps I find the trial in itself questionable, but you want them Carrions to spam Deso so I guess its a must


Yeah i miss having punish in my deck but i wouldn’t swap aphotic drain for it since i have alcuin fugitive to keep copying and casting it. Blood echoes are actually amazing because it doubles my gors and sarlacs on board and lets me trigger carrion collector and nekomanta twice. It can also remove silence from my alcuin.


Why would you want doubled Sarlacs and Gors though?


Because when i drop xor’xuul each gor/sarlac death doubles them which can flood the board. It’s easier to double them untill they fill the whole board if i get more to work with

#14 this have been an interesting xor vs xor game so i guess i’ll post it :stuck_out_tongue:
that shadowdancer and kelaino was scary :open_mouth:


So it was you in that replay. :sweat:


Interesting in how the can’t respawn in same spot mechanic was important.
Replay is a bit too long though :sleeping:.



looks solid mate. if you ever feel like you’re not drawing enough desolators, I suggest experimenting with mirrorim


How often does Vellum actually prove itself playable? Looking at your deck, you should have 0 problems with card advantage, so I’d recommend replacing it with DFS, because it is a real solid card on its own


I see a spam deck without mirrorrim, I’m disappointed. However I guess it wouldn’t be necessary anyway, with all those respawn cards.

Btw, don’t you think the deck has way too many draws? 3x vellumscry, alcuin fugitive, desolator and nekomata… you could remove some for dfs?

*was going to post it yesterday, but things happened.