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Design contest winners made into their cards in game


hi guys. I just thought of a cool idea and wanted to share it with you. i thought it would be cool if cp did a set of monthlies like the streamer cards. they could make the cards that won the design contests into cards with the same effect but the name of the person who made it. I just wanted to see what tyou guys think about it :slight_smile:

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I’d like that. I’ve only made one card though…


Problem being that while neutrals are relatively free in their design and names, the cards from the contest are faction cards. I Honestly don’t want a card that massively hurts the immersion of the faction by giving people namesake faction cards. If anything keep the original names.

or make raqyee the 6 Mana 6/6 Opening gambit: roast everyone that we all secretly want.


Eh, I’m not so sure about that. Cards that win those design contests are usually the ones that are the most fun or interesting. They aren’t necessarily balanced and there is also an issue should a card be in the game just because it’s interesting? I guess it would be fine if devs took the general idea of those cards and change them as they see fit before implementing them if they choose to do so, because leaving things in our hands is just dumb as we’re not game designers.

For example, this is the card that won the latest contest. It was supposed to have something to do with the enemy action bar and it was implemented into the card in such a half assed way, just for the purpose of following the rules. Not to mention, that the whole reasoning behind the card was to make control vanar viable, which since then has proven to actually be actually work despite the lack of healing.

Again, it just proves how we as the community really know jack shit about game design and the less part we have in it the better. Not to say the devs are gods at it because they’ve done plenty of mistakes themselves but they still beat us by a margin.


i guess it wasn’t really implied but i thought the devs could edit them a little to suit the game. sorry that i didn’t mention it. I just thought this would be another nice way of rewarding the winners


Huh, didn’t that already happen? Mindspike mantle -> Decimus :^?


Eh, you can kind of argue it, but the idea isn’t really unique. “Deal damage when the enemy draws” was always going to be a thing eventually. The only surprise was that it became neutral instead of Magmar.

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