Dervish Deck Help


My dervish deck consists of this so far


2 Siphon energy
2 Dunecasters
3 Ethereal Obelysk
3 Healing Mystic
3 Pax
3 Primus Fist
3 Falcius
3 Fireblaze Obelysk
3 Allomancer
2 Entropic Decay
1 Star Fury
3 Aymara
2 Dominate Will

Just looking for advice to make this better, It has decent draw with WOFS and SFW. But I was thinking of replacing some cards for Keeper of the Value for more Obelysk value


If you want obelysk “value” then Nimbus is the way to go, Keeper might bring back a dunecaster


To be honest, the deck looks pretty much perfect for Dervish synergy, you could even go so far as to replace either Mystic or Fist for 2 Nimbus and a third Siphon. Most Vet decks these days run 2 Siphon/2 Shroud so you have some diversity in terms of ranged dispell and tile-based dispell.


I’d suggest falcius, I love that card


That is no problem

Keeper with dunecaster is at minimum a 5/5 for 5, which is not terrible value, however the other minion with value such as rezzing a Obelysk or Aymara would boost value and tempo immensely


Have it already in the decklist


I’m iffy on Keeper, yeah when the value’s good it’s good, but sometimes you’ll end up reviving a Dunecaster.

Personally I’m a fan of Scion’s Second Wish and Cosmic Flesh in a Dervish build. But that’s mostly because that’s my answer against Songhai when they Onyx Bear Seal my shit. Oooh, it’s a cheesy play but it’s great when you pull it off.


3/4 + 2/1 is not the same as a 5/5, for instance, the 5/5 would trade with Kron and both would die (after two swings). Your 3/4 + 2/1 trade into Kron, leaving it up, and both die. As an example.

Skorn also eliminates a full 2 dmg off of your equation, etc.

You just can’t add stats like that. And 3/4 + 2/1 vanilla for 5 mana is a big tempo loss. Even 3/4 + 2/3 (Primus/Healing Mystic_ is iffy, I mean, for 5 mana I can drop a Falcius + Primus/Healing Mystic, and actually benefit from the OGs to create a huge tempo swing.


What’s a game without a little risk?


i put 1 scions third wish as a finisher. it always catches people by suprise since almost no one plays it. but thats because i dont have 3 aymaras or any nimbus


Check out my Necron Obelisk deck, third one on the thread here:

I like my triple dominate, but many people don’t, fitting a copy of stars fury like you do is a sollid option as well.


Risk is fine, I’m just saying you’re not actually getting a 5/5 at the very least, which is important :slight_smile: