Denizens of shim'zar units we haven't seen yet


Hello ladies,

Here is some screenshots from the battle unit video, that has been released a while ago, in this post I am going to list all the units that we see in this video but hasn’t been spoiled so far for Denizen of Shim’zar:

As you can see there is quite a few.

I made this post for people like me that are starving for infos, hope you guys enjoy it.


I can’t wait to see what the five headed dragon does. I’d bet how it’s legendary and the largest battle pet there is. Other card I’m also interested in is the Monkey King looking minion.


We’ve actually been given the GIF for the bunny battle pet. We just don’t know what it does yet :smiley:

Really hoping the last guy is some sort of support for or scaled up Wind Runner.

Also, the Vet one on top is ridiculously cute o__O


I am not an English native but I am pretty sure it is called an hydra.:wink:

Hope it has frenzy (ah sweet Heroes of might and magic memories).

My favorites are the 3 first from the top, I am pretty sure the second one is grandmaster Zendo.


No Magmar Flying Minion… :worried:
Thanks for the effort!

Some of the names are already known: Nimbus, Ki Beholder, Hydrax…


Dragon, hydra, wyvern, cabbage. Whatever it is it looks cool af, the image doesn’t do it justice really as it doesn’t show it spewing lasers in all directions. It’s even in the middle of the official banner full of pets which implies it really is the biggest and most destructive one. Oh man I hope it doesn’t disappoint and ends up being just a big boring pile of stats or some shit like that.


Hydra is Hydrax…

and you forgot Gnasher…he is on the promotional art and was in the oldest of unit compilations…


You can find the names in the avatar shop. The bird I believe is silverbeak, and I want it.


The demon with horns :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


the blue or the red one?




Those songhai minions (the panther, the horned probably arcanist guy and Grandmaster Zendo) all look very cool. Hopefully they’re decent cards.