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Denizen's of Shimzar Cardback


I couldve sworn i saw that we get a cardback when/if we pre-ordered the expansion packs. Is that the case? And if so is it something that is still in the works?


The Shim’Zar cardback is already implemented. It’s the gold one with the green gems (not the other gold one). =S


Did it have to be preordered by a certain day to get the card back? I did it a week or so before the xpac came out. Im not seeing it in with the other cardbacks in the armory


It doesn’t show up in the armory since you cannot buy it as of right now, but when you edit a deck you can choose it if you have it.


Ah ha! That makes alot more sense then! I didnt even think to check there.

thank you!


Locking now that the question has been resolved :slight_smile:

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