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Hello, I started to play Duelyst recently (1 Month or so) and something that I struggle at is how some interactions work, so I’m here to present a brief idea and to know what other players think about.

This idea is based on Demonstration Mode from some games (like Dota 2 showcase) and is intended to allow players to try cards and combos without actually having them, so they can try it before investing on crafting said cards and to see how some interactions would work.

So, Demo Mode, how is it?

Basically, you go into a match vs a static Bot(Dummy) and there you can do ANYTHING you want to do with any cards, stats and etc.

You could, for example:

-Set any minions on the board for you or your opponent:

You wanna try something against a specific card? no problem, you can just look for the card you want to play, select it and choose for which side you wanna summon it (you or your opponent).

-Set any stats (Buff/Debuff):

You can change the Attack and Health of any minion and General on the board to simulate, for example, a Chakri Avatar 9/10.
You can also try some interactions to see how it goes. For instance, your Aymara Healer trades off with the enemy Aymara Healer. You had 5 health. How it goes? What goes first, dmg or heal?

You could also set mana required too, so you dont have to keep summoning/deleting minions from the field to drag that mandrake to 0 mana.

-Control the minions

So, the bot is static, what means is, basically, you are BOTH Generals. With this, you can simulate some combos that need positioning or movement in that turn to take course (Keeping the system of each General on its on turn).

And of course, some others things could be changed/added to improve the mode.

In overral, what I think this mode will help is to:

-Improve Gameplay by allowing players to try combos/cards even if they dont have it. Of course you still have to craf the said card, this mode would just allow you to TRY it.

-Give a better understanding of some interactions work.

-Allow players to create combos more easily, because they dont need to wait for that specific situation to happen for them to try the combo, now they can just create the situation they want to.

-Simulate turns from real games so you can remake a turn from a specific game and try to have a different approach to it

The advantages of this system in my opinion would be regard new players trying cards and differents combos to allow them to “feel” the cards before investing in craft them and give a tool which would improve the understanding of some mechanics/interactions in the game.

That is my idea, any opinions are welcomed. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes and thanks for the attetion.


There is an unofficial sandbox mode, however it is slightly limited.

You have to have the cards in order to test them out though. You select what deck you want Player 1 to play with, then you select what deck you want Player 2 to play with. You control both players. It is just a normal game, there are no settings and whatnot.

An official and more dedicated testing/demo mode would be awesome, but they have their hands full enough already with their other projects. There are 2 expansions coming out over the next 6 months or so, they are working on mobile versions and a few other things. Probably not going to happen any time soon if at all.

If you are interested in trying out the sandbox mode let me know and I will give you instructions on how to install it. It isn’t hard at all, takes about 3 minutes tops.

Also if you have any questions about how cards interact, like the Aymara Healers for example just ask around here on the forums.

I honestly am not sure, but I think the card text is what would decide the result of the Aymara trading. It says Deal Damage before it says Restore Health, so I believe you would die. The heal effect would not trigger because the game ends the second you reach 0 HP unless you are getting a draw by attacking the enemy general.


Assuming it’s your turn, then your Aymara gets priority and you live, same thing when your Rae kills a Pax at the start of your turn, Pax gets dispelled.


@BlankTrack Yes, I agree. It was more like an idea for future development, when the devs find time to work on it, and yes, please, I would love this sandbox mode. About coming to the forum/reddit, yes I can do that, but this mode would also focus on discovering new interactions/combos. I say this because in Dota, where we have something similar, the demo mode has enabled players to discover sinergy between skills and items never seen before because it is easier to try new ideias without the need to go in a real match and so…

@maelrawn It is kind confuse, isnt? But @BlankTrack was right, you die first. I saw a vod from MegaMogwai playing and that situation happened, he attacked and them died, I can look for the video if you want to see it.

My doubt was how the game was programmed, for example, if the enemy general who attacked Mogwai’s Aymara, would the result be different? Maybe the one who dies first, activates first(dmg+heal). And there is my point, with this system you dont need to wait for that particular situation to happen again to discover the answer.

But I agree, the devs are with their hands full right now, I just hope that, if possible, a mode like this or maybe an improve in the sandbox mentioned above can come to reality in a close future.


I suspect a mode like this already exists for the devs in order to create the daily challenges.

Would be great if users could create challenges using this mode then share them around with a unique code. Perhaps even submit them to CPG for use in the daily challenge.


This would be really awesome. Maybe even have a contest to determine the best daily challenge every week/month and rewards for the creators of said challenges (and maybe a “Master Tactician” badge? :smiley:) .


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