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Delayed Boss Battle Post: D3C and the d3cepticons!

Ok so…I didn’t post the boss thread when the boss first came out this time. I’m sure everyone here was pondering the same question: why? There are two reasons:

1: I was having trouble logging onto my forums account, which I don’t think is an issue anymore.
2: I have been kind of distanced from Duelyst lately, and to be perfectly honest, I had forgotten the boss had come out. :stuck_out_tongue: .

So yeah… I’m gonna talk about robots now.

This is D3C, leader of the D3cepticons, and his sole desire is to rid the galaxy of our favorite robo overlord: MECHAZ0R!!!

D3C is aided in his nefarious plots by his fellow d3cepticons:

With all 5 pieces of the puzzle, D3C is virtually unstoppable, making him the second scariest 2/1 in the world, second only to Pax. In order to defeat D3C, you will first have to disassemble the d3cepticon army.

Once you’ve beaten all of the lackies, you’ll have to defeat the big guy himself. That’s right, a freakin’ 2/1. Never has a boss been more terrifying in your entire life. Killing a 2/1 will be quite challenging. It requires you to inflict a whole point of damage. Anyone who’s been one off lethal can speak to this, but when you need one point of damage, it’s impossible to get. But if you do manage to find that point of damage, you’ll be able to destroy the d3cepticons once and for all!

…or so you thought!

What people forget is that d3cepticons are robots in disguise. Once you defeat D3C, you’ll reveal his true form! Witness as he transforms from a robot INTO A BIGGER ROBOT!!!

D3cepticle is your true final opponent. unless you full surround the 2/1 before killing it
He is infused with all of the powers of the fallen d3cepticons…except the stat line. I don’t know where that comes from.

It may even take more than a Pax to stop this monstrosity! You might even need two. Don’t go overboard and play 3 Pax as that could spell out disaster for humanity.

Assuming you defeat D3C, you will get a Boss Crate in disguise. It will look like an ordinary Boss Crate, but will transform into orbs and cosmetics before your very eyes!

…ok all Boss Crates do that. Unless you don’t open them. :eyes:


Defeated this boss by surrounding him with Grow minions before I killed it. No second form then :slight_smile:


Got to give props to @deathsadvocate for enlightening me with a Dance of memes mech deck, and the fact that you have infinite time in boss battle turns. He lost t3 to Mandrake/Mechazor spam


Time is the real killer of that deck.


so, dirty deeds done cheap
press f to pay respects to dirt

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