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Dedicated replays thread


We could use a dedicated replays thread, couldn’t we? I mean, why shouldn’t everyone see that time you (by which I mean me) dropped Juggernaut on turn 2 (and it got answered)?
Anyway here’s a match I just had - Smash Vaath vs. Mech Starhorn:
(While that Vaath deck can lead to some one-sided matches, this isn’t one of those.)

(Edit: Iridium Scale is in place of the Kraigon.)


Having a dedicated replay thread would be fun, but:

  1. replays hit snags;
  2. those that don’t hit snags, expire in several weeks;
  3. all of them can’t be rewound, cut or linked to a particular time.


This makes me want to bash my head into a wall. How hard would it have been to add a “time bar” feature?


If you observe the performance of replay links in the Decks Working thread, its apparent that people dont tend watch replays

Also, I think you missed lethal at your ninth mana turn :lizard: Drogon BBS would result in 20 damage


Would watch replays if i could do so without loggin in-right now i would need to recover my bandai password (steam works without typing in your bandai password every time)


Aforementioned turn-2 Juggernaut:
(The deck contains mostly memes. Even so, some card choices are
probably bad. Khymera is what it really wants, but I don’t have any.)


You know all that stuff here about Zir’An and Gold Vitriol? Turns out, it’s true.


I’d actually never realized what those little numbers were. Thanks.
(Oh, and missed obvious lethal confirmed. :slight_smile: )


Here it is. Budget HateHorn. best otk every XD


Hate Horn, the second edition


holy crap finally


finally as in “finally, a thread dedicated to replays” or “finally, someone decided to use Hatefurnace” (i know you guys did it before, but it seems as if you guys stopped.)


decided to do the thread. i honestly dont know what to think of hatefurnace.


Replay of a winning game using the Deceptib0t - Echo Deliverant flood.


The most ridiculous gauntlet match I’ve ever had: Argeon (me) VS Kaleos.
This guy’s first 3 turns were simply insane.
Not to speak of their deck:


I’m not very fond of sharing replays considering how buggy they are, but today I made an exception. This is a replay showing the battle between Cassyva’s Dying Wish minions and the highest value Vetruvian and neutral minions.


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