Decks working far, far from how they're supposed to


This thread is for when you play with a deck that has one purpose but win in an entirely unrelated and unexpected way.


Here is the massively incompetent game that inspired this thread:

My Magmar deck is pretty lame, basically depending entirely on my two Vindicators. I was at a 2/4 to 6/25 deficit very late in a long game, but I still won. My comeback was entirely dependent on the empty-deck penalty, of all things.



Lol, I didn’t even know that empty deck penalty goes through armor of any kind. I was watching, and I’m like “Yeah, you milled him, but won’t you still lose to that double Arclyte?”


It was a roller coaster of emotions for me. At first I thought it might be an insta-loss when he ran out of cards, which turned out to be incorrect. Then I realized it was taking out the armor, and it was still possible for me to win.


LOL! Top notch positioning by both of you. :smiley: He played two Decimate, LuL. Also I wonder why he was running Ziran, he did not use the BBS once, Brome would’ve been a way better idea,


I spent the whole game expecting him to drop heavy Provoke on me, given that he was running Lyonar. It never happened, though. Like I said: not a great game, but an unexpected one.


I enjoyed watching it nontheless. :slight_smile:


This was supposed to be a Golem deck, but it turned out to be a Kinematic Thunderhorn Artillery deck.


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