Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Was so screwed it wasn’t even funny. Then I somehow won.


At 1:04, you could’ve cast Roar on the owlbeast before doing that play and would have an 8 hp owl beast that oneshot the Obelysk. That woulda let you trade with his general and the owlbeast would’ve forced out more resources instead of him trading in 2 dervishes.


^ I realized after the play. tbh, should have just straight up backed off there.


The equivalent of P1T1 “Flash Sunsteel” for Mechaplayers :stuck_out_tongue:

Insta-concede :confused:


Lol and 2 first wish and a second wish xD


Yeah, and I apologized for being lucky after he conceded :stuck_out_tongue:


Second-Wished Provoke Panddo … sometime life is cruel.

Two-card Combos

i havnt seen a swarm this big in far too long


Have you been Plasmated after ?


Turns out he didnt put plasma in his deck and he conceded 2 turns later.


lol When you fail to lethal in time


When 2 Arcanyst meet, sometime it gets out of control …


As I’ve build a deck around blue conjurer, guess this counts as “decks working how they’re supposed to”:


They didn’t deal with my Nocturne


Yes it’s lethal :smiley:


Okay, thats not exactly it, you’re supposed to have an Aurora’s Tears instead of a second Maelstorm, but you get the picture


He got me with this. (I was playing Sajj and he was playing Starhorn)

Twin Fang, 2 Kujatas, Dance of Dreams, and dozens of minions died upon summoning …

I’m not even mad.


Dance of memes! An old classic, you should feel honoured of getting this :slight_smile:


In fact, I really do. :smiley:


Swarm Creep hybrid at its finest. He killed my Klaxon with the help of Drogon - and next turn I equipped both grimwar and azalea for an OTK: