Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


My Zirixz0r disagrees.


Twin Fangs >>>> Mechaz0r


Snowchaser >>>> Grandmaster Variax

I managed to out-control a Grandmaster Variax using Glacial Elemental, Voice of the Wind, and Snowchasers. I squished those furious wraithlings for 8 straight turns. It turns out that Snowchaser*2 + Voice of the wind + Glacial Elemental creates/ takes away more stats then Grandmaster Variax can pump out. All that was left was to BBS to victory! Myriad was also surprisingly good in this match.


SpecRev + FREE Obliterate on same turn.
Discount for lethal :wink:

Rot9RNG is so nice versus Vanar in late turns, you’re almost guaranteed to get an Embla, Seraphim or Meltdown, it’s so predictable it’s not RNG anymore :wink:

Dying grimey memes

When the stars align.


I don’t always play Magmar, but when I do, it’s for a massive dose of fun :wink:

(Yes, he died on that turn)

Unearthed Prophecy - Magmar Omniseer + Endure the Beastlands

Beholdeth, the anti swarm deck!


Haha great idea in this swarmy meta. I wonder what else anti swarm do you run there except oculus.


venom toth, but I can’t afford cuz epic


Did you stick to that list? I play Sajj artifacts too. I’ve considered Flameblood in the past, but I disregarded that for the antisynergy with artifact durability. Is it really useful?
I also never tried Repulsor Beast.


This reply made me grin and tear up at the same time. Raq no longer plays, I missed his rage-inducing, SJW-triggering, flame-spewing, amusement generating shenanigans


He still hangs out on Discord and Twitch


oh no

15 characters are needed for a post


Aw no.

Can you link his Discord or something? I dont even know how that thing works


Uh I don’t have him added. If I see him again I’ll DM you


15 15 15 15 15


If I remember correctly, that deck is a weird combination of combo and aggro and you can’t have aggro without flamebloods. Anti-synergy with artifacts is obviously there but you’re supposed to use flamebloods either before you equip your wombo combo or at the end to close out the game. And repulsors are there because they are simply the cheapest form of quasi-removal and you do need some to gain time in order to gather the combo pieces. The deck is inconsistent but is crazy fun.

About how would the “optimized” version look in today’s meta, I have no fucking clue.


Thanks for the reappearance and info! Also, sweet avatar.


Not really on topic, but I really would like to share this board state. I lol’d hard)

He made a mistake by playing Allomancer on the last free spot near my general. I killed Allo with Phoenix Fire and… he couldn’t do anything, but I could.

He conceded, of course.


My opponent got 3 Death Knells this game and destroyed me. I wasn’t even angry.