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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Then you’ll love xor :heart:


Xor can go die in hell. Oh right, he fucking can’t.



He realy thought lion could save him :joy:



That’s a cheeky lethal :smiley:


i don’t get it. please explain


Terrarius has an intensifiedx6 (30 atk) Bonecrusher in his hand. Yomandude is feeling safe protected with Forcefield obtained via Grove Lion and provoke via Crestfallen. Terrarius casts Void Pulse to pop the Forcefield and follows up with a cadence on Bonecrusher for a perfect lethal.


30?!? what?!?! :sweat:


I frikkin love Cadence <3


So I just got my first Magmar ribbon in probably the best possible way: a hard counter for Variax. Enjoy: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LY8J3n1SYQXmgdttPVo


noice man. just saucy


I assumed the bonecrusher was lethal but how did you recognize the intensify 6x from the screenshot?


Unfortunately there isn’t a way to tell that Bonecrusher was at intensify 6x from that screenshot, so I had to find that match and watch the replay to understand the exact situation.

It would have helped if the screenshot would have had the cursor over Bonecrusher to show its exact stats, but I suspect that would cover up part of the board.



First time casting Mantra.


as faie??? some blue conjurer caligrapher shit?



In a perfect world karma would grant all of us spirals when we need it to finish off vet-filth


I did get Spiral too, but I replaced it in hopes of a cheaper spell.


true dedication