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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Trick kill! :smiley:


What? Am I missing something here?


No. I expected a flashy Flawless Reflection trick but his opponent just conceded.


I have never been self-DDOS’d so hard


You teleported to the wrong neighborhood

The fractally replicated Juggernauts have frenzy. bagoum.com/db/E40


I present you guys… The longest con.


A most satisfying win…


When Titan Strategos starts complaining about how OP Vanar is


I support these comments… sent backwards in time to Ancient Bonds.


Ah, Vanarc days.





Send him my regards, I’ll. Remember his name and create a nice and interactive deck just for him


Best combo I’ve ever seen


Hmm… Actually, replace shell makes sense for a Furnace deck, I should put it into my TODO list…


JUST HAD THE LUCKIEST FIGHT TODAY…whats better than getting a prismatic serpenti? getting 2 archon spellbinder from grimes in a fight with a mantra deck



Xor’Xuul deck with Grimes, I like it!


There used to be a lot of that when xor’xull first came out, now everyone seems to favor efficiency over memes.

Also, happy declared b-day @alphacentury @alplod

Edit: Yup, three months off, but that won’t stop me from getting you on that dinner date :wink: my wallet will :cry:


Huh you’re about 3 months off. but thank you!