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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Did he survive a turn so that you could send him flying straight to Faie’s face?


No. He had Shim’Zar. :rage:


They ALWAYS have it :pensive:


Finally saved up enough to try a new deck. I ended up picking Grand Strategos since I’ve always had a thing for semi-swarm kind of decks.

This is my 3rd match and I’m still tweaking it a bit. The snowballing is pretty hilarious.
Its not anything particularly new, but I’m surprised I haven’t seen any of Grand Strategos decks play Araki Headhunter for some early pressure.


I play two, mostly because I cant afford a third. I agree, it’s a really good early game snowball! (Being 1 mana less than Aurora is actually huge in my experience.)


Yup. Sometimes Auroara (yes the devs in charge of wording misspelled aurora) is just a bit slow and you’d wish for a P1T1 Auroara. Though I must say Auroara works much better at pressuring distancing archetypes without Vanar’s signature kiting.


Pretty sure it’s supposed to be a combination of ‘aurora’ and ‘roar’.


Thanks dad


He conceded right after

This is why you should take tiles :sunglasses:


I beat Wanderer Ragnora (finally)


Is that my boy Sirocco I see? :sob:


of course :slight_smile:

it did surprisingly well in diamond


Atta boy!


Just eggmar doing eggmar things again

Oh, and here’s a rare instance of a Reva Wanderer being beaten just after summoning Wanderer:



A fitting final post for the potential end of Duelyst. Ethereal, fleeting, yet beautiful, fast-paced, just like Rush, as impactful as 17 damage, and nonetheless fun.


The beautiful ancestral art of Tormenting masked dust devils always wields fun results.


That’s hilarious!



Followed by the world’s longest YYYEEEEEEEBOIIIIIIIII ever

The final canvas