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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Makantor-chan :


MMF, making usernames come true :hugs: :blush:


This brings both sadness and joy to me


I hope you posted this on Reddit :wink:


I don’t use reddit


That is too bad.
TheGreatBetrayal had a screenshot posting streak on Reddit showcasing every time he played Betrayal as announced in his name. :wink:


Maybe I will visit this thread of his…


There were multiple threads.



Just goes to show that not all “burst” decks are auto-win. Not sure of misplays my opponent had. May have had some, myself. Very satisfying match.


Meanwhile, down the hood


I beat Kha!


Opponent’s Monolithic Vision: + LITD, it lethaled me next turn

My Monolithic Vision:

#nerfvetruvian :stuck_out_tongue:





That’s not right… Where’s the decimus?


Grimes gave you seraphim so that you could cascade rebirth him on the same turn for leviathan and peacekeeper?
Don,t know how you could have gotten that young slithar though…maybe you flashed grimes out and played slithar normaly?


Achievement complete!


Meta decks can boost bad players even harder than i thought.
I played against a diamond fault zirix who used sandswirl reader to sent the bonecrusher far away from his face back to my hand-2 times in a row :facepalm:

Result was the 8 mana 25 dmg cadence OTK


there are no shortcuts in dooly, at some point your laziness will catch up to you



Not really my deck working as it should but an amazing replay i had to share.


T3 Worldcore.