Decks working exactly how they're supposed to




Just to clarify what happened, here’s the replay


This was so badass that the enemy General vaporized.


No my friend. They’re finally putting their worthless sack of flesh to good use in the legion. Lilithe looks good in blue and gold no?


Deck working so hard it makes the enemy deck work.


two xenkais is absolutely subarashii, given that no xor


A guy named eggmar that plays reva disturbes me immensely though


So I met this guy today. Wasn’t sure yet what he meant with his Well Played on turn 2.

Then he used a totally useless BoA on my Mechaz0r and afterwards it only said “disconnected” (unfortunately replays don’t show that). So I had to wait another 20-30 secs till I won. Still not sure if he wanted to BM me or just ragequitted.


I get ragequit disconnecting all the time. It’s a thing you have to bear when playing ridiculous memes :stuck_out_tongue:


Usually I don’t play much attention to it but the Well Played before made me look closer.

And Titan Mech is not that memey I think :smiley:


True, but it has the similarity to most memes of being pretty silly/busted those times it works


The manliest lethal possible. Elyx lived, allowing my Auroara to reach the enemy General.


Everything seems to be going according to plan



Ah, good ‘ol moggin sluggin his RNG hammer on you.


…How did I win this game?

P.S: it’s not how you expected :wink:


By praying to RNGesus that ion doesn,t hit the obelysk


In awe of the sheer awesomeness that is my deck, he conceded maybe he thought I won the dice roll? :thinking:


“Another WCG combo? Lame, I thought you could do better Cookedpoo”



That is some serious quality combo ya got there


Mmm, spicy rebuke


This is the most beautifull thing ive seen in duelyst :cry: