Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Shhhhh, im good with tech i swear


By playing something that is atleast just as cancerous as wanderer rag :sweat:


scrub heaven is where everything you call cancer isn’t there xD we’ll all be in duelyst hell in the mean time, vet or not, so might as well git gud while we’re here, yes?


I still have trouble understanding :confused:

Don,t think that i need to git gud after 1250 hours and high S spots over many seasons


well if that 1250 hours didn’t teach you that there’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of faction strengths/cancer cards, then idk what will xD


Point of view thing

From my point of view theres nothing to be amazed by if someone bruteforces his way to S with something like wanderer rag or fault vet. To me people that play these decks to climb are casuals that don,t want to work for their rank.True skill is demonstrated by climbing with unique and off-meta stuff
I realy look down on these players that mainly play toptierstuff…am disgusted by their casual nature.With that disgust anger comes aswell .Rarely i grow weak too…sometimes i get fed up of getting beaten by BS like flash wanderer ETC.But most of the time i stay true to my pride and don,t touch the toptierstuff.
Used to be pretty toxic here-my attitude towards toptierstuff never changed,i just learned to keep my anger to myself most of the time


well that’s the thing though.
how have you not realized that
a) people aren’t trying to climb to amaze you.
b) if you succeeded on your self-imposed goal, that’s good for you. but it’s not something you should impose on other people.
c) you being free to make snide remarks about some people also means other people(like me) can make snide remarks about about you
There’s nothing noteworthy about off meta decks. they’re just not popular. they just take advantage of a different set of game mechanics. Did i have fun making offmeta decks? yes. Did 70 people think of it already before I did? yes. Did I use more brain cells than my opponent? I don’t know, unless they actually remembered thunderhorn’s effect. Should I feel good about playing with more brain cells? maybe, but i wouldn’t gloat about it.


no worries, flash-wanderer draw rate shall be nerfed by the lords of wraithlings, my sire

They do not belong in the same sentence, y’all gotta know that this is coming from a silver/low gold scrub


don’t worry, they didn’t go together :joy:


That edit saved your $ right there. Nice save, dude.
I swear I’m the only guy in my usual bracket to not treat Thunderhorn hypothetical combos as discoverable because I know…


you totes are my dude. you’d think gold people have it figured out but nope



T1P1: Kujata
T1P2: Bound Tormentor

T2P1: Flash + Wanderer, Aethermaster, and Y.Silithar because tiles
T2P2: Hand Size reduced to 5 (I’m the scum that plays Uncomplete Wanderer Trial :stuck_out_tongue:) and Grasp + Punish Wanderer while stealing a Makantor Jesus with Demonic Conversion

Watch the replay for the rest, but long story short, I beat Flash Wanderer using the worst faction in the game.


Extinction ragnora vs wanderer ragnora(im player1)
P1T2:flash slithar elder

Opponent realy tryed hard to stop the snowball


Still works for P1T2. I still find this funny.


Now we can do even better: Decks working exactly how they're supposed to

Also you may want to try this: OTK Birbs: Deck Tech and Showcase (w/Jason)


Oh my goodness, this looks amazing. I probably can’t won’t get the cards needed anytime soon, but just imagining it is hilarious. Thanks for pointing out.


You can do pretty crazy OTKs even cheaper with that Flying golem which gives you Staff. Key card is Mirrorrim which is common.

Just saying :wink:



*replaced into tiger


Bootleg Kha. :sweat: