Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


I uploaded it in duelspot:


That’s one way to clear the Assasin quest.

A Pure instance where all your cards can kill, which would you choose?


All can kill, but only Betrayal can teach.


I’ll dub it “Martyric Engine”.

Edit: and the elusive Icebox.


I want to meme with Daywatcher.


It’s proving itself way less memier than it looks.


Had to take the screenshots from @bepoest’s replay because Sandswirl Reader bugged mine out, so you can’t see the hand unfortunately :frowning:

But look at that :slight_smile:

And it ends with that:


Hahaha :slight_smile: Vegeta really screwed me up here.
Pathetic ways to get rid of Bloodfire Totems were:

  • Aspect of Ego
  • Reliquarian



Decks not working how there supposed to. Or did SILVER behave this time :stuck_out_tongue:


if you mean “work 50% of the time” then yes xD 2nd deceptibot blast that did a triple kill only summoned 2

something about this bug report on the wiki i guess:
" * When there is exactly one Metaltooth in the deck list, Deceptib0t fails to multi-spawn 100% of the time, only yielding 1 mech spawn even if there was a multi-kill."


@bepoest added this after your reports here I think.


if it were, that would be on his own tests then. if i recall correctly, he only ran 1 metaltooth in his list. I’ve never ran single tooth. when i run 2 copies though, deceptibot almost always does not produce 3 mechs


I played interactivityhorn vs vetancer
T1 (p2) kujata
T2 flash decimus spikes
T3 (he didn,t have an answer for the 1hp decimus :joy: ) another decispikes+BBs
T4 makantor FTW

Usualy i would feel bad…but not against vet.May every vet player go to duelyst-hell


Yeah he did some testing then I think.


git gud or enjoy scrub heaven


Honestly…i don,t understand your comment at all



How did i win this game?


Finally a reasonable person who realizes that Star’s fury belongs in Fault decks.


Did you take a photo of the screen? Printscreen button exists for a reason, you know…