Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Keep in mind that his deck was (I’m 90% sure) Fault, so Boneswarm, Aymara, and all those cards were very likely not in the deck :joy:


But yeah, dw, I got the joke LOL


What is art?
Art, is the moment your action bar goes colored.

(immediately set to .5 speed for maximum flavor)



Was there any reason to play this?


Witnessing beauty as beauty is rarely shown


That is true beauty.


Quite possibly the best match I’ve ever had. Warning: really bad misplays.


That ultra-buffed Thunderhorn was stolen, by the way.


I finally crafted Apex. This was my first game with it. Was not disappointed :sirpenti: (sorry for the poor image, this is right after my opponent finished his turn)


@yaviey What’s up with the servers’ lags? It is very annoying to play right now. Why are we having again and again problems with lags?


Umm, can someone explain to me why the copy of omega spawned by deliverant has a x9 collective strength buff when the original has a x5?


When Deliverant spawns a copy of a mech he copies the buffs as well. This means if you play mech Kara you should bbs before sumoning the get an extra +1/+1 buff when you have Deliverant on the board.

Now for Project Omega my theory goes as follows:

  1. Omega before being sumoned was most likely a 9/9 (buff x4) in your action bar

  2. Once sumoned, Deliverant copies the original Omega with it’s buff x4. So the copied Omega starts at 9/9 and gains an additional +8/+8 from its ability.

  3. Most likely other Omegas count as “other Mech minion” and so, each Omega gains an extra +2/+2 because another Omega than itself was sumoned.


So the deliverant copied the x4 buff, then the omega’s own counter kicked in giving it another x4 buff.

Omega-D for the win!






Wow, Lul :rofl: Now I got one more entry in the list of Ice Age counters :rofl:


What’s on the list? Venom Toth and no-nonsense EMP? Oh and maybe a circle of Reset?


Well, for starters, Vanar have Frostburn…


uhhhhh… hmmmm… :neutral_face: There’s a lot isn’t there…?