Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


i normally wouldn’t have a problem with variax. but it seems like EVERY SINGLE ABBYSIAN has turn 1 token generator into turn 2 sacrifice and variax and i just auto lose. it wouldn’t be a problem if it was only about half of the players but it seems like they always get the nut draw


Okay sure, it’s nice to hear you/someone are/is interested :slight_smile:
Still in the trying out phase though.

Cards that deserve mention:
Thraex: trial entry, want to try him out, preferrably vs Razor Skin. Giving the eggs 1 attack can be nice, but what way is nicer?
Dance of Dreams: Minions die, rebirth, die again hopefully quite a bit, so this seems nice, trying it out.
Kinetic Equilibrium: absolute staple you want this 3 times, but I had cards I wanted to try out, hence why. You need this card because it harms your own creatures, so they die, so you can revive them with rush.
Valknu’s Seal: trying it out. Was pretty nice playing 2 at 6/11 stats. Dream is to clone Morin-Khur of course.

Hardest part of the deck: Getting Dreadnought online in time, and using Wild Inceptor/Eggmorph correctly and knowing when to replace Wild Inceptor. Can really be nice, can screw up the curve, your hand, and do nothing.

Hope you give it a spin, and if you do, let me know, I would really want to hear your opinion on it @akurane :slight_smile:

EDIT: also, due to the newly released minions, overall Chrysalis Burst has been nerfed. Something to take into account.
EDIT 2: Had a pretty nice Egg deck before that was quite different: Lady Locke + Chrysalis Burst is quite nice :slight_smile:


Just another day with wraithling fury+blood baronette deck.


Grailmaster on 7
Grandmaster Embla on 8


My first game with the deck…


I wanna know what Argeon is doing with a Lancer on the board.


I added the guy after the game to say sorry for my god hand and asked him what he was playing… Some type of Heal Argeon apparently.


Hmm, he was memeing, and you were playing that shudders abomination we call a faction


He started running away, probably fishing for some spell burst to finish me off

Aspect of the Drake is one of the funnest cards out there. If I BBSed before using Polarity, I would have had a whopping 36 dmg of burst. I replaced Draugr Lord into a Hearth Sister which is what I AotDraked(Yes I just made that a verb). I could have instead Alcuined(also a verb) another polarity then AotDraked the Alcuin for even more damage but I dont feel like counting all that nonsense for the total. Also froze that punk just for fun haha. Concealing shroud might or might not have prevented Elucidator lethal couple turns back when he had minions in my face.


Decimate Meltdown working exactly as planned, for a guaranteed lethal.

To those who wonder, Zir’An walks two right, the left-side Meltdown walks 1 down, so both Meltdowns are next to her and no enemy minion is next to a general. Decimate kills all opposing minions, BBS for 14 face damage.

I actually have guaranteed 22 damage here, since the Azure Herald can go up and hit the opposing Cassyva, then the lower Meltdown can go up and hit her in the face after the two Meltdowns proc. Wasn’t needed, but still.


5 turns of consecutive shrouding. Probably going t lose anyway, its not like I am accomplishing anything while doing all of them


Me trying some Vet and totem building :slight_smile:


Triple Grasp of Agony lethal, one of which was cloned by my Alcuin Loremaster. I also healed over 20 HP that game from an unanswered Keilano


P2T2 buffed Meltdown, love it ! :heart: :heart: :heart:

Hint : there is only one Jesus, and it’s not fake Makantor, it’s RNGsus !

Forum game: Decks built around single cards
We need a fixed post for duelyst memes

i like how that one jaxi is not on the corner because of the creep


Mind Steal and Razor Skin, nice :smiley:


Yeah, it’s in my homemade Star-Decimus deck, you mill the sh*t out of it, and you steal from what’s left, vicious and funny :stuck_out_tongue:


This thread is worth reviving. It’s not lethal but it’s very close:


Meltdown Songhai, next turn is gonna be juicy.

For those who wonder, he played a Meltdown himself, lost the 50/50, got burned out with Phoenix Fires.


When an Elder sticks and gets replicated :sunglasses:

(Made the minor mistake of not using Thumping Wave on the Starfire Scarab though. No one plays Astral phasing anyway :slight_smile:)