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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


That Zori… man, that looks good

Also, this is the first mech SS that made me want to try mech



Converted another one :crazy_face:

Seriously though, mechs are probably the most competitive Neutral tribe and have many synergies that makes each deck unique.

And I guess I gotta post a random deck working how it’s supposed to


If your opponent is lucky you can still die.
Some examples although unlikely could happen.

Sandswirl Excelsius.
Rasha, with some luck getting rid of Regalia. (1/3 chance.)
Then get a bit more damage for example, First Wish, another Rasha or Bloodtear.

Or maybe a Shroud instead of Sandswirl. Having more mana so more choices to finish.
So like Ka + double First Wish.

Or maybe Rae (50% dispel chance) + Skorn + Ka. (Double Rae is 100% dispel chance.)


Dominate Will?


Sandswirl reader excel + (saberspine tiger/rashas curse+general hit, or even a flameblood warlock+general hit) lucky rasha’s curse to break regalia and 1st wish/BTA

Edit: An aymara would’ve also done the job if you were missing another dispel




No you’re right, I thought he could hit you with his general. 3 bloodtears wouldn’t work neither as first one wouldn’t damage you thanks to arclyte.
As Halcyon mentioned dominate will would work with shroud but only if anyone would ever play it :grin:


Release the Beast!!

(meme idea stolen on internet)


I never seen a boardclear so vicious.


That hurt me on a physical and spiritual level.


Couldn’t target my Excelsious with spells


Oh wait that’s true. Either way, stacked board haha


It’s…it’s perfect :yum:

perfect revange for filthy wanderer scum :smiling_imp:


You don’t know that i didn’t first wish everything.


That opponent was you? I bet you just used War Surge.


Yea, i prefer running 3 wishes, 3 lorematers and 3 fugitives rather then war surge, seems more effective imo.



Did i stutter?


Then Droftlift into double Bone Swarm. :rofl: