Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Behold: Nemeton on curve.


:sweat: :sweat: :sweat:


Somehow, this happened. I don’t think I’lll ever get this insane of a setup this early ever again…


Not as good as lethal with mantra as p1t3




Did it help to win?


12+ hp, clean board and a full Artifact/Taunt setup to keep that lizard close? Hell yeah.
I was losing miserably the entire match as this is an almost heal-less Zir deck, then Daddy came and took over.


unclear body


As opposed to…


Unwittingly? I just ran for my stock list of half-remembered defiance quotes. And honoring promises.


The word of today is: papercut

Really guys, watch the full thing, it is hilarious.


Witnessed… my own demise
I’d think this is working well enough for this thread


Burn Reva? Long time no see, I missed her.


This reminded me that I recently dug up the screenshot of Nounverber’s epically overkill OTK. I think it deserves a spot in this thread for the archives.


No mercy for fault!


I dont play Fault- boring non-stylish wincon


T3 Mechaz0r into T4 Omega to beat Wanderer Reva

Explain how mechs are weak again? Their Mechaz0r strats are pretty solid and they counter wanderer’s unconsistent removal with its own “trial”. All they really need are more cards to push underplayed mech archetypes like Omega, Swarm (Zoo/Tempo), and some really specific ones like Mill/Dying Wish/Unbirth (although Unbirth is actually a really solid deck) mechs.

To top it off, most Mechaz0r decks have a very low skill requirement to play them, and its array of keywords teaches Newbs how to play the game and position their units correctly. It does have a high skill ceiling to perfectly position everything/replace and this is rewarded through a high WR against many decks that cannot destroy a big minion, a mech swarm, or tank an out of hand combo from the vast strategies the mech tribe has.

I apologize if you guys didn’t want to read a mech rant but I seriously cannot talk enough about my favorite tribe. Not all mech decks are mechaz0r decks, so if you feel bad for high rolling that 6/6, there are many other strategies with mechs.


Wow. I dig the graphical commitment!


I really love to read a Mech manifesto. To be fair, I really feel most of the tribe’s strategies are a tiny bit too slow when not propelled by all the explosive Magmar wonder cards (Unbirth is a monstrous counter-example though).

I’d like more support as you said (some Neutral Bond keyword would be awesome). It’s unfortunate Magmar already provides so much draw and ramp because it certainly limits the Neutral Mech design space.