Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


nethermeld horn onto creep, bbs sarlac for bm/rng extra damage, win with chakram :wink:


If we get new Generals I want the Abyssian one to have a Furor Chakram… just love the card.


Paradigm on curve, Sirocco in the late-game.


Beating Wanderer Rag with Nemeton.




That Hsuku in the corner is just sitting there contemplating on how exactly his life came to this point


3 Cards, 21 damage, no prior board set-up. I dare you to beat that ratio Mantra.


that is 4 cards with an abdujicator played beforehand tho :wink:



In practice pretty impossible IMO , there is no faction that can deal as much out of hand damage with as little as possible cards and mana as Magmar and hasn’t been for a while. Even the mightiest of Red mages, even without setup still need as much mana and cards as they can muster.



Do you count very low health as board setup?
If not then double Blood Taura + Spirit of the Wild :persevere:


shadow watcher


It was not even mine


Not quite the same.
With Cadence you can only damage with one Taura.
With SotW you can damage with multiple Taura for more pain.

Traumatised for life for not playing around triple Blood Taura + SotW :tired_face:.


Yes I realized the “double” as soon as I posted. Although it’s kind of a dream scenario. :stuck_out_tongue:



Your first mistake was not playing rebuke.


Wut? I won with Betrayal and wasn’t Magmar…


Your second mistake was playing Abyss instead of Magmar in a game called Lizard Simulator 2018.


And your third mistake was not glimpsing mag-hate memery.


That Maw’s about to get some high value chip damage! :wink: