Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


how to 17TK with vaath. Super efficient, guaranteed to work.

If aragorn were a wizard, then he’d be like vaath, shoving a fucking earthsphere up your arse.
That’s not to forget the fact that this beast of a deck uses bounded lifeforce as healing.

It’s actually a quite decent spellmar deck that works rather efficiently. Not to mention that it’s completely customizable.


What was CPG thinking? Eternal Heart is a much better card in Vetruvian than Magmar :facepalm:.

Spinecleaver OP


It was at this moment he knew
he screwed up.


I’ve also noticed how Ankh is much better in Abyssian than Vet. Ankh+Grimwar, Ankh+Blade, Ankh+Mindlathe… so much fun :stuck_out_tongue:


How does one get 19 attack without Artifacts/drogon??? Teach me!or did you bbs then suicide drogon?


this was one long ass game. I went ahead and dropped a bounded lifeforce when the guy pushed aggro and tried to kill me with rashas. Then I bbs’d every turn, while dropping every removal spell that magmar has, until he ran out of cards, and bowed down to the lizard overlord. So just bbs and bounded lifeforce. It was fun.

Just your average 17TK

I think he was crying at the end


Fun time with Nemeton.


All of this would have been so unlikely when EMP was 9/9 and in every deck. I’m thankful for its nerf.


Magmar AoE is still a thing, so we must not yet stop the resistance!

I fixed the image a little.


Who’s that? :eyes:


Mark Henry, aka THE WALL


“I think I’ll keep them all”. Played only 2, still I won. #aymarahealeriswifu


you really wouldn’t want your back against these walls


When all you can do is to face Death, you turn Death against itself.

Edit: Pope runs from frosty lizard until rescued by the swiss guard


How many intensifies did you have on that bolster? :slight_smile:


The last charge for the grand Oofening of +6.


Find the lethal, MUHAHAHAHA!!!

(upper T-horn is dispelled)


I feel disgusted and aroused at this ChakramHorn creeport.


nethermeld horn onto creep, bbs sarlac for bm/rng extra damage, win with chakram :wink: