Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


I would love to see the deck you’re playing.


If I succeed in taking Sajj to S I’ll share the deck. As of now I’m not sure If i will be able to make it or not but I will try anyway.


Opponent played two plasma storms back to back, but my board only grew bigger.


Starts game playing growmar

ends game playing spellhai

gandalf the green would be proud



plays Betrayal


Don’t worry fam, boi appeared to do the smart thing and kept raggo away from his earthy men


Fine - plays Grincher, gets Eternal Heart, plays that and Mindlathe :stuck_out_tongue:



meh combo at best
razorback would nuke yourhometownaway


how to wake up sleeping lizard


Another game with Snowing Chasers deck. That game was 45 minutes long as we both went to opposing sides of the board trying to get more board than the other.

This screen-shot is not the winning turn but it is the most representative of what happened the whole game.

My opponent ended surrendering after his first fatigue ping.


he thought he got away


Spine cleaver VS Double Evolutionary Apex


Crap, the replay is too buggy, I really wanted to see how you handled the game with good ol’ Cleaver…


T2 grimes into gate…All according to the Keikaku


Plaguebringer cass devouring its prey(will post decklist later)




When Radiant Standard and the artifact combo sticks :laughing:


Pulled Nemeton on my second try! Congratulate me.