Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Wait why do those eggs not have Forcefield if he has Zoetic


I think the lethal here is:
Kill ripper with ripper
Egg morph your ripper
Move ripper 1 down and punch forcefield off the egg
Move spelljammer to kill the egg
Ripper for the kill


Can a Celerity minion move and attack, then move and attack again? Can’t remember.


Yep, thats how I bm with Rag combo lethals (back when 7 mana 24 dmg rippers were cool)


Deceptib0t, beating Healyonar since 2018 :grin:


He doesn’t have a zoetic charm, I do.


my bad, mistook generals there


Lava Lance only works on enemy minions.


Really? The text doesn’t imply so.


I stand corrected. It does indeed work. The things I learn :slight_smile:





Abyssian is the weakest faction in the game


How did you get that dervish?
Still very unlikely highroll


T1 Bound Tormentor outside of Obelyx damage range.


How did the obelysk get removed? I’m not seeing it with no replaces and before and after hands.

I’m thinking horror burster also keeps the minion in the same state similar to transforms like Vanar spells?


Yep, the Horror came active because the Devirsh was active thanks to Rush.


No idea what the deck is “supposed to”, but at least it’s working! :laughing:




Wraithcrown in Reva, now I have seen everything


i’m not having your Underlord shenanigans, sorry~