Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


So I lost track at around 15, but I’m pretty sure at least 20 joseki (it might’ve been 20) were played this game.

Did we make joseki senpai prood?


Top level Duelyst is inscrutable.


Got it. Completely understood. I will run Sphynx in this deck as well :ok_hand: :frog:


This I really want to see.
Edit: I did not comment on the otherwise genius minion picks in the deck, completely meta-disruptive. Good job.


This would make for a funny tournament concept:
Make a deck list (probably under a certain budget for accessibility reasons).
Before every match, roll a die:

  • 2/3rds of the time, swap your deck with your opponent
  • 1/3rd of the time, each play their own deck


And then ultra joseki it back

Also, @atheistmantis i didn’t break 40



I couldn’t even imagine you’d win with this tactics! WP!

But really, how often does it work?


Next time m8, I figured your pc ran out of juice


What I learned from this experience…Joseki is better than my whole Joseki deck. Would be great to have more matches like this.


Not often Then again, it’s still new (like a day or two) and I’m testing it in Diamond against Wanderer/Fault climbers and S top 50 rankers


Well that’s one discoverable interaction you can cross off the list (unfortunately I wasn’t able to fully surround due to concede)


So Underlord always takes priority over Bloodmoon (I refuse to use any other name for her) spawns? Seemsfair


That was what was happening when I was hitting my sarlacs into them wraithlingos. I’m not sure how it’d work the other way though


So what is the exact interaction? Not very clear.
So Sarlacs take spawn priority?

Does anything else matter?

  1. Xor or no Xor
  2. Who attacks. Sarlac into wraithling or wraithling into Sarlac
  3. If you controlled both Bloodmoon and Sarlac, then attacked with Sarlac/wraithling
  4. Is it the same if you replaced Bloodmoon with Gate?
  5. If opponent also has Xor?
  6. Something else than Sarlac but still with Xor



Are they afraid?


Disclaimer: I have not done extensive testing on this interaction so the following answers are assumptions.

1 & 6. It is crucial that you have both Sarlac and Xor’zul as you need a body to take the space of the would-be wraithling spawn. EDIT: Just wanted to say that the game probably wouldn’t summon sarlac on a BMP spawn if there’s an open space (like where it died) and so basically you need to play more xor vs bmp swarm

  1. If the game processes death/dying wish before deathwatch then the sarlac would spawn before the wraithling (this is made moot if the spawn priority is based on active player rather than card based effects)

  2. Refer to #2

  3. I’d assume it’d be the same (you’d have a harder time killing the “demons,” but it should work like BMP

  4. If the opponent also has xor then that would be a very interesting match


Spot the lethal. (mildly easy I assume) It’s also the first time I’ve ever seen a wanderer rag player not playing wanderer even at nine mana. It was also the first time I saw orbo being used. And I was at 1 health for the past four turns or something.Great game this though


Kill enemy Ripper with Spelljammer. Move friendly Ripper, Lava Lance it, and then Egg Morph. Hit face.


How do you deal with the Forcefield egg from the ripper?