Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


If you DC too many times, you will be required to log back in after restarting the game. If you DC and then reconnect, the game will not move forward and it is counted as a loss

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Inspired by this reddit post.


Got another ragequit. Disconected as soon as I dropped my Grove Lion.


Onyx Powaaaaah !
Lethal was : move Onyx + move BBS + Juxta + KE … tasty !


Always nice when the numbers precisely add up to the enemy’s health total.


ziran gets big faster than vaath FeelsHealBuffMan


This was a perfect game for my Twin Fang Zoo Starhorn. Will never happen again.
1st round: Wings of Mech on mana tile, Zyx in the middle, lucky spawn, access to both remaining tiles.
Opponent goes Falcius kills the Wings
2nd round: Natures confluence spawns Rexes.
Opponent shrouds and kills one of the rexes, summons primus fist.
3rd round: Rexes kill both his minions and damage the general. Now I have 3 eggs and 1 Zyx on the board and 4 mana. 1 mana goes to Seeking Eye. Next its Twin Fang, 2 Flash Reincarnations and Blistering Scorn. Zyx attacks the general and I’m left with 20 attack.
Luckiest hand ever :slight_smile:


Epic fast win, nice!


Secret Songhai winning tech : death by concede on T3.


Two kataras on T1? Hate when that happens :blush:


I ran into humans 1 time and beat him but I dont even count it because I’m pretty sure he just got bad draws and I know that he could crush me 9/10 :joy:


Turn 3, exact lethal, FeelsBadMan (I honestly do feel bad for my opponent, luckily he said he granted me the win afterwards ;))


Very nice, thats a type of deck i want to try next. How is it doing on the ladder?


This deck had 4 wins in a row, no losses. I’m in gold.


Ok, ok, that’s definitely my favorite thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Tonight’s screenshot : “Damn it’s hard to survive Variax …”

Grandmaster Variax

Didn’t even have to replace for perfect lethal, I rate 3/10


Standoff between AWESOME Wraithlings and Silithar Elder.

I decided to try an eggmar deck again and was lucky to get Dreadnought out soon, he helped so much.
This is where the standoff began.
I reset his board somewhat later, with Flaming Stampede :D, killing 2 Kelaino’s :slight_smile:
He had just Lightbendered all but 1 Silithar Elder though, but 1 is all you need, and they grew again, I summoned 2 Valknu’s as well and opponent conceded :slight_smile:

Eggs VS Variax 1 - 0 :slight_smile:

Edit: oh yeah, he had Deathfire Crescendoed his Kelaino, I used eggmorph to cleanse that buff.


Third Variax in a row, but idgaf:

Funny thing is he had Variax out first, i didn’t even ramp, but i had Bloodmoon :'D

New Swarm Abyssian is godly in levels of fun and power lol.


Could you post your deck list? I’ve been wanting to try out an eggmar deck, especially with the release of valknu. Also props for making it work (especially with flaming stampede ^^)


Old game, but a nearly perfect one. Sorry for the choppiness, don’t know what caused it.