Decks working exactly how they're supposed to



Find the lethal and post how long it took you


Hit with Seraphim. Hearth sister it back to infiltrate side (left of Pando).
Put 5 drop on infiltrate side (below original Seraphim position).
Sotw and hit with Seraphim and 5 drop.
1 min for rough idea. 7 min for exact position and typing.

  1. hit Reva with seraphim
  2. teleport back seraphim to left side of the board (idk how to say it) with hearthsister
  3. summon displacer on left side of board
  4. cast SOTW
  5. hit Reva again with seraphim, and now finish with displacer.

took me a while because i forgot what dryad does and google it, aandd it has nothing to do with the solution.


Don’t forget that you HAVE to summon heartsister in front of pando or else when you sotw your seraphim won’t reach


Legit masterpiece. Props to this guy for playing 2 kenshos on the same turn


Even more props to him for letting you finish the game instead of conceding.


can you guess whats my favorite spell?
by the end of the turn I had 25 health, they had 6, and thus conceded right after


Don’t nerf fauIt, thanks a bunch.

Damage count

It equaIs to 64 damage (8 didn’t appear in the picture)
4 from first minion, 4 from another one skorn attacked, inducing 2x infest into 2 minions and 4x infest into the one above the dervish, +4x infest to aII minions around the one with grasp.


This is by far the stupidest match in Duelyst History

When two steal decks fight…anything can happen

rot9m dies into rot9m dies into rot9m dies into mechaz0r

Also look for the cool interactive art when using your opponent’s demonic conversion.

Will upload pics of the match in a few hours if people are too lazy to watch a whole match


Reaper of the Nine Moons -> Reaper of the Ten Moons -> Reaper of the Eleven Moons
-> Mechazor!
what a balance card.


Is this what is called INTenSIfY?


This is called evolution.

Why does Dark/Flying Pokemon evolve into Steel one I don’t understand though…


That’s the most beautiful Infest i’ve seen so far.

Also i have this one match when i played against Fault deck, and i have Crescent spear equipped and ghost lighning in hand. :hugs: #feelsgood




Where the fck is the obelysk you’re speaking of???


Top right corner, noticed the 0 attack.


Filthy Dervish scum with their usual dirty tricks.


I never post replays. But you guys definitely need to see this PERFECT Kinematic match. Three turns of total awesomeness.

My first game with kinematic horn deck.


You were right to post the replay link, no screenshot could do it any justice. :scream: