Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Insert Opra deathwatch meme


Unless I play crown and they don’t…


I played swarm mainly when crown didnt exist.

You got especially cucked against a w swarm crypto into furiosa opener , or w swarm double zyx


Beautiful OTK

note : positioning your minion is important.


i feel bad for him


All according to keikaku.


[Easy] Spot the perfect lethal:



Move general 1 to the left, hit enemy gen w/ aymar +iron dervish, reliq aymara hit with gen


replaced into victory :sirpenti:
KaleOX vs. WandeRag


huh, I’m suprised horn did damge to beastclad in that scenario, wonder if that is an intended interaction :thonk:


“Takes no damage from minions with less Attack.”

they have equal attack so t-horn’s damage goes through


for some reason I read it as haveing 5 attack, oops :smiley:


I don’t get it. :persevere:
I don’t get why your Thunderhorns have “Ranged” and mine don’t.


hm, perhaps the ox ping of your t-horn didn’t hit linked enemies? like if mine hit that slasher instead in my scenario


That’s such a cool interaction.


AAAaaahh, thank you.:nerd_face:
I’m dense.


So Ox triggers damage interactions…



yeah, it makes celestial phantom a decent choice, not sure what else it is relevant for though


Sojourner, Sun Deer Seer and Purgatos. Too bad the former two are not a decent choice for titan Kaleos, Purgatos is playable though.


Suntide Springbok?