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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


You haven’t seen nothing till you have seen @t2k5’s level of zoomed out.


that @ t2k5 is slowly converting to a meme now that you use it so often. He hasn’t answered yet outside of discord…


Something something, swarm Lilithe.

Without swarm.


Opponent playing a khanum ka wanna be.

Managed to clear half of the board but ran out of time.

Replaced into shadowdancer.

Lucky spawns for the win. Thank you xor’xuul.




Soo many roks, very wow


i never get why that spell almost always summon 2x2 roks. I hardly see it summon anything else


Against me it usually summons Gro. In my hands it summons rok though.


@alplod Owlbeasts


“Confirmation bias, also called confirmatory bias or myside bias, is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms one’s preexisting beliefs or hypotheses.”


Why so serious?



Holy crap, the ending though :joy:



Here’s me beating down a wanderer rag deck with midrange kaleos.

Something fun I find about the current meta is that most decks tend to ignore the board and not carry hard removal like OBS or Dark Transformation (excluding Vet and Magmar) so a card like Hamon with huge stats and anti-dispel played on an empty board seems to demolish.

For those who don’t have the time to watch: I beat him to death on my 6 mana turn as P1 with Hamon into Zendo curve drawing and playing my only two Hamons. He never summoned Wanderer.

EDIT: With the same deck, I also beat down an Xor’xull list and Quest Brome completing my climb to diamond.

The Brome match is fun to watch because of Scroll Bandit along with Assassination Protocol stealing all of their spells plus a BtA+Immo combo for a taste of their own medicine.

I barely won the Xor’xull one since my opponent basically dumped their entire hand and get Xor on the board on curve. A lucky MDS gave my Hamon the extra point of damage needed to win.

Xor: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LHhFK8pSowhPfPFUAQi

Brome: https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LHhFaE2M6whxWgWicYp


It is so nice to be able to play Songhai even when I’m playing Abyssian.


howd that happen


Now how did you get a Xho exactly?


OOOOh grimes, i kept thinking of what arcanyst he pulled from blue conjurer to get that hand


Blue Conjurer into Calligrapher with Abjudicator? :thonk:


Inkhorn Gaze can give you a Xho?https://duelyst.gamepedia.com/Cards_creating_random_Battle_Pets


Nope, afaik Gaze can only create in-faction or neutral pets (as all pet-creating spells)