Decks working exactly how they're supposed to



Meet the Imperial Air Force.


Reminds me of my old “I AM THE PALADIN NOW” Hearthstone Priest Deck.


Vetruvian is the Duelyst version of Priest, even in the viability tense.


So at what point are we getting Death Knights?
I wanna relive the glory days and steal Lyonar’s DK three games in a row.


Remember when Enslave was a powerful card?


i thought it was only dead cause skorn got rotated.


superior mirage has to be my favorite card. #feelsvetman


Playing this stupid deck (work in progress):

i met a player with an equally funny deck. A couple of screenshots:

When he started to mirror his dustdrinkers, I thought: “Gosh, that’s super slow, even I’ll be faster”

Then finally I completed the Trial and started building board of arcanysts, overwhelmed by his army:

And something completely unexpected happenned!

Yes, he revived his dustdrinkers with the relic, dealing loads of damage! But Aethermaster and Vellum helped me to draw my lethal:

That’s all, folks. Hope you liked it.

Thanks for the guy, btw. The match was hillarious.

Maev Xor'Knell, Control/Trial Abyssian

unrotated Rangehai is great


finally done did a 25 damage otk

Church of Songhai Trinity - Post-Mythron Rerotation

I humbly ask to post this masterpiece of a decklist here: Church of Songhai Trinity - Post-Mythron Rerotation

Or anywhere.


I like your opponents name


same. And Lyonar Golems is one of my favourite archetypes. I honestly felt kinda bad doing that 25 damage topdeck to a dude so dapper.


Hmmmmmmmm T1 celebrant, better take mana tile so he doesn’t ramp into fault

T2 Rae, Fault, Rae… NotLikeThis

T3 Khanum Kha

This guy just has all the cards :sweat:

Aha, all according to keikaku :sirpenti:

Remember guys, to beat a highroll just highroll even harder. :thonk:


Battle of the trash decks


Gold, Diamond … same netdecking guys, playing the same half-dozen decks, same boriiiing shit.
I really hope Unranked will be back before I give up :frowning:

Nightwatcher in my Roger deck works nicely for all these Fault/KK out there …