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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


But think of the memes… the memes… :smile:


I like this deck, looks fun. Gimme


i have link, bookmraked it, gibbet too u now:


Love that idea, Ive questioned the strange non-use of Oblivion Sickle in Sajj lists, surprised to see it in Ciphyron though
Also questioned the exclusiveness of Sajj in Ascension lists, but since I’m not the biggest fan of NoSe I didnt really try anything out with him

Even more tempted to make Sickle now, to make some janky OOM funstuff


My opponent asked me to share the replay… which has never happened to me…



Long time no see!


Yes, but now I’m back again.


Guess who’s back?
Back again,
@johnbob78 is back,
Tell a friend @isbee.


Aww, shucks…:blush:


For those who think that the Luminous+Skorn Combo is dead

At least try to play around it


It was never a common thing in the first place.


Well I got to S with it im my first season. But yeah, it was seen a lot lett than Reflection.


Kensho Vortex OPed, pls nerf :thonk:


see this is exactly the thing that’s been confusing me ever since i started shitposting on the forums.

What in the world do people mean by “eight gates deck are totally different from mantra decks”? and then you’re right here playing both to pull off an otk.


8g8s doesn’t need mantra to win, Mantra needs Mantra to win.


8g8s tends to be more focused on crafting a combo made of 8g8s followed by a lot of pheonix fires, and the deck plays things like geomancer and lantern fox. mantra is basically entirely spells and goes for abjudicator higrolls, the two are different archtypes but have a fair few cards in common.


8g8 looks to 'splode their face with a lot of fiery burst dmg. Mantra looks to beat them down over the course of several turns and then 'splode whatevers left because youre a pain to kill.



Meet the Imperial Air Force.