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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


It is actually called the Vanar Kindred, the only kingdom in Mythron belongs to Lyonar :stuck_out_tongue:


Who fills the board with cheap Statsticks to overwhelm the enemy? Certainly not that Wanderer Reva over there.



Like riding a bicycle


I think I suck with this deck. I’ve been running with it for a while (replacing the katara with flameblood warlock) and find some match-ups to be pretty bad, particularly swarm/aggro vet/starhorn.

Otherwise its been pretty good.


Slowly easing into it now.


Who needs Trail when you have Spinecleaver and Oblivion Sickle in Cyphron?



It’s T3 and I pulled out all 3 Assassins and Bandits in my deck.



Never expected to win with WCG and Mass flight…


Believe in the dance.
Believe in me.
Believe in godhorn.


eziest otk of my life




That awkward moment when you just spam spells on t2 and accidentally play Xor on curve…




I don’t know what you’re trying to tell me…


“I didn’t mean to play Xor’xuul on curve, oops!”


You can trust me when I say I didn’t want to steamroll my opponent like that… I felt bad after that just kidding I didn’t


Why did you had to play that tiger :sob:?
You could have played Xor before curve next turn.
Why play on curve when you can ramp :grin:.
Then have an immortal tiger god.


I wanted to prevent him from playing wanderer. Thought that was more important then getting Xor out the next turn. Although that might not have been the correct play but I was roping so I just played it… :sweat_smile:



Don’t fear the Wanderer. Fear the Reaper. Fear his sandtraps. Fear his Pylons. Watch him as he remains unscathed throughout the battle.

Trials of Mythron are horrible card design

No Sand Trap on the list tho :confused:


Might be a good idea when you think about it… I don’t want to be hit

Looks up the card again

Damn, are you mad??? It costs 2 mana!!!!!