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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


did you still lose?


No, I had lethal on board as you can see by the second screenshot.


Poor mogwai checking in on how the game is and gets rek by bug. :sweat:


then why are you playing the bug?


It shouldn’t exist but that doesn’t mean I wont use it!


oh. I thought that illusion was a four one. Illusory.


Is it bad that the thing that caught my attention was that you were playing against Mogwai?


Not really, he is a noteable streamer.


Gotta love a bit of Khanuum Fault


Mog is back yes!




XD feelsbad

Hey taliesin wanna fight friendlies with our over 9000 wanderer bug decks so no one loses
i believe it is 8 where u at


Yes, yes, yes amillion times yes, I don’t want to ruin people’s days on the silver ladder but this is really fun to play.


I think my eyesight was a bit bad, but I still can’t comprehend a 6/3 illusion. It’s a monster.

I naturally assumed illusions were 2/1. Damned mythron bugs


Omae wa mou shindeiru!


Dat thicc Portal Guardian tho


First of all, I want to thank Phersu for this amazing game! :wink:



They say the northern ones have no honour…


We have a lot more fun then the south ahahaha.

If your talking about parts of Ireland it would be the other way around as I live in the south.


No, he’s talking about the Vanar kingdom.