Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Figure out the juicy Healyonar combo

Just so you know if you’re right, Zir’an ends this turn with 6 Attack.


Tempo? What tempo? This is Healyonar country ma boi, your “tempo” shtick don’t roll around here.



Admittedly, this was the turn before I lost, but I don’t feel like I lost at all :smiley:

Bonus after the game:


Wait, how exactly did you lose?


He walked his Mystic up, killed my Wraithling, summoned Makantor Jesus and Thumping Waved it for lethal.

Clearly Magmar needs a nerf.


Indeed it probably does. Most likely BunnyBomb in particular, though I have no love for Makantor, I still can’t justify that card.


This one’s a bit old, but it was a S-rank victory using a 39 legendary deck. It performed magnificently.

I had a Gravity Well + Spelljammer Opener and curved out with 4 drop, 5 drop, Aspect of the mountain. I am so so sorry. (The primus fist in the second picture was stolen by a Zen’Rui)


Not just that, you beat WickedFlux, WICKEDFLUX, WHILE he’s playing Songhai. Dayum man, dayuuuuum.


Just pulled off this otk w/ Ion, figured I’d put it here.

If you like faie, please don't enter

lol what’s that penis?

EDIT: I am serious that I want to know what it is… not usual Flash Reincarnation art, is it?
If it is… it should be called Flesh Reincarnation :stuck_out_tongue:

EDIT2 (bunch of time later): figured it out by observing Starhorn, it’s the swipe of his weapon.


Starhorn actually kills his prays with his humongus. That’s why he looks like old child predator. And it concerns me as a cute 9 yo girl.


When your opponent drops Hamon Bladeseeker, but you’re running your Sand Trap meme deck, then proceed to copy their Hamon with Mirage Master.


…and then get killed by the teleporting minion

No but really that zendo + hamon stuff is a terrifying beauty


Bonus points because he DC’ed. Most likely a rage DC. The Scientist is a blast, just like his real life counterpart was.


Praise be to the chosen one king of beasts and our one true rng lord


That’s always the fear when using Sand Trap against Songhai. Don’t worry, the opponent’s Hamon finished him off with its own effect, which is always fun to watch. I wonder what it would be like if Sand Trap was a 3 mana spell, but permenantly stunned instead because I think the minion can still attack as the effect stands now. That’s probably not something to think about in this thread though.


I never understood rage DCs. Isn’t it easier to click Concede, or is that just me?

Anyway, it’s always great to see less popular cards putting in work.


It is much more popular in other games, but the rage DCs usually happen when the person is so fed up that they aren’t planning on playing that game for a while. There is a problem with a lot of Fighting Games that if you DC right before the match ends properly(losing, watching the losing animation etc…, takes about 15 secs or so) then it doesn’t count as a loss on your personal records. You would play against the biggest scrubs who were sooo bad and they would have a 100% win ratio… Its just like come one man, even like the top 3 players in the world wouldn’t even have higher than like 80% for online play something.

Most games have systems that automaticaly make it a loss with a DC, and luckily Duelyst is one of them.

I have only seen what I think are a few “Rage DC’s.” if you get salty you usually just concede and play a new opponent, but if you are super salty then you just alt f4 and go cry in the corner.


I thought just sfv didn’t have dc punishments?


Marvel vs Capcom 3 didn’t have it either. I think SF4 had the same problem but it has been ages since I played it. A lot of other smaller titles as well. I haven’t really been playing FGs lately though