Decks working exactly how they're supposed to





Ah yeah, overcounted in my excitement :smile:


Make Vaath run like a little girl (he is) with The Power of Swiss Tennis !


Finally I unlocked the hidden dance of the worldcore!

We need no induction for propagation! Also look at that timing with the mana!


Puzzle of the Day: Rising Revengeance
Edit: Kujata is stunned btw


Move 1 up, play celebrant on tile, equip twin fang, play flash krater on tile , krater hit face lul


equip twin fang, move 1 up summon celebrant on tile, flash krater on tile, summon last krater, punch for lethal



Tempted to call this the fastest/tied fastest kill possible, if dreamgazer + kujata+ dance of dreams + mirrorim shenanigans is in fact impossible
I mean, thats a suicide kill anyway so would it even count

“doublepost” because THE BEAUTY OF SPEED
also why is this imgur upload so low quality, anyone knows a better hosting thing?



You miss out on two damage with that order.


I know, it’s just another Grimes-Worldcore Golem thingy. Still, not sure if anyone has posted yet a Grimes Worldcore p1t3 otk :stuck_out_tongue:


Praise Grimes Lure


Just so you know, grimes was killed by cassie in the second one, thus the stormmetal golem watching in the back row.
I also had one more, but no screenshot.


Still, those are not otks necessarily, note that my Worldcore is active





It’s back! Birdmageddon is back now with a 0-mana nosh-rak to boot! There was the potential for more birbs if i had drawn my other orbriders but i thought getting three mirrorrims would be fine for now :laughing:


Daz too bootiful. And to think, you could have Multiple zero cost Nosh-raks with that many Skywings ~ shudder ~

Would take just one azure summoning…


I was all like birbs? What does he mean birbs? And then i looked at the board. Oh… Oh.


wait, if you have 3 nosh raks on board, you could actually kill with enemy general from 10 health with just your general right?