Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


When you get that T2 Wanderer :sunglasses:


I had to make a forum account and post this one: Despite a poor draw and my Vetruvian deck being pretty trashy, I managed a five-turn, unscathed victory. This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you screen your wounded general.



Your minions? MY minions.



Jeez, how many of their creep generating cards did you steal?


Full health lethal


I prefer the classic on-curve double Azalea, but this is acceptable too

Gauntlet grimes shenanigans again, or, don't emote too soon

Last chance for Mantra before I turn you into a mummy.


did they have it?


I just used cascade on grimes… I love this deck

Kudos to yet another player who didn’t concede!


Come on buddy, replace, replace, be my guest :slight_smile:


Nothing beats a classic Star’s Fury lethal.


Line 'em up, mow 'em down


These are the moments when breeding Kujatas is paying off without Worldcore golem:


That belongs to “Decks working even better than they’re supposed to” thread.

How did you make so many Kujatas? Fractal and Progenitor?


Always Progenitor. They cost 0-3 more than often. Slamming Metallurgist into Progenitor T2 after playing a Kujata T1 is just so much pressure. Lavaslaher gets incredibly cheap, you can throw out all your ragebinders… I sometimes win just by swarming and then refilling with Tec edge and Insight. Always hoping for the Dreamshaper off Grimes for the refill.

In this case I had two kujatas which I then doubled twice.


How much damage Taygete did? 9 or just 4?





Ah yeah, overcounted in my excitement :smile:


Make Vaath run like a little girl (he is) with The Power of Swiss Tennis !