Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Creep Cass looks very different. You’d want Punish and Desolator, you’ll want to cut Nocturn and the swarm synergy and throw in creep classics like Abyssal Juggernaut. Playing Nocturn creep requires Lilithe.


I ran a similar list at one time except I ran Kelaino for healing and to combo with Painful Pluck. Necrotic sphere eventually got took out since Cassyva has enough removal and Painful pluck + Tormentor or double Darkspine Elemental is good enough AoE if you need it.

After trying Lillithe with Nocturn I came to the conclusion that he is better suited to Lilithe than Cassyva. So if you insist on playing creep with Cassyva, my advice would be to remove Nocturn and the Wraithling cards and add Kelaino, Juggernaut and Desolater. Optionally Alcuin Loremaster or Loreweaver can also be added but then you realise that with all these arcanysts Owlbeast would be great and adding him ends up turning it into a completely different deck :laughing:


I know that Creep Cassyva is played differently.

I just wanted to meme around and try to adapt the decklist to her by keeping the core of the deck presented.
All of my previous attempts of playing nocturne were painful and it just doesn’t fit well with Cassyva i totally agree with you.


I wish I had all those legendaries :disappointed_relieved:


When you outswarm a Strategos Brome :joy:

Poor guy :joy:


When you go from what looks like certain defeat to an overwhelming victory :smiley:

Man, I fucking love it when Priestess sticks. Dat impenatrable wraithling shield tho :joy:

Did I mention this was in Diamond ranked?
Memes can be dreams :wink:



Ok, you won it.
"target_user_id":5574 for those interested.


I believe overexcitement will fade after some time. Don’t give up on him, yet :rofl:


It’s so comfy. Once you’ve tasted it, you can’t go back :slight_smile:
If at least it was something never seen, funny and/or fresh but come on, hyperswarm …


The thread started with swarm, actually :slight_smile:


Hey, c’mon. That was a worthy post and definitely in line with the thread theme!


He doesn’t hear you anymore, probably :rofl:


Indeed, 1 and half year ago, and swarm was already old :slight_smile:


Well, I mean, I started playing the game this month so it’s new to me :joy:


AHAHAHA! I DON’T EVEN FEEL BAD! @eurasianjay I enjoy watching things burn. This is fun.


Some highly fun, interactive gameplay going on there :grimacing:


Huh, been awhile since i’ve seen an effective mantra play.

At least it’s not inifinite turn-hai


Shoutout to @lefthook for this super fun Scarzig build! Here’s my latest win on ladder with it. ;D
To see how this happened:
To see the decklist: Midrange Kaleos...anything usefull from the expansion?


@automatiiik looks like yours :sweat: hate this shit ^^


You have my seal of approval, burn forth my son.