Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Captain Hank Heart?


hanky :wink:
15 char


I also pulled a diamond golem when he killed it.
This was in unlimited XD


dick move <-- i would say that if i was playing against u


At least I have the balls to play grimes XD


He deserves emote spam for playing Zendos, grimes is bearable if we compare these 6 drops


Nobody deserves emote spamming for zendos, you just need to git gud.


The double Thunderclap interaction is pretty sweat even though it is hard to get going.
I’m glad someone managed to pull it off again :joy:


I only emotespammed because I emote spam for really anything, Im not aftually salty. I just find it fun.



Goddamn I love this deck :joy:



you know you can edit the original post to add more images, no need to make separate posts for all of them :smiley:


Holy shit, this Warblade draw is almost perfect.


I’m hardstuck rank 1 this season and really want to play at your division :’(


Those games were in unlimited mode lol
I have yet to bring this deck to ranked but I’m currenly rank 3 Diamond


There is nowhere to stand, nowhere will you be safe.





List please! I love how you meme :slight_smile:


All hail makantor jesus!

That’s turn 3 btw