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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


yep i tested it with my friend to see the combo with iceshatter n winterblade but turns out it didn’t do the job.
anyway it looks like a fun deck mind sharing it?


Most satisfying lethal I have ever had in gauntlet.


Also, exactly 15 characters health.


He shouldn’t have went face with his general!


He’s a Magmar, their intelligence doesn’t extend very far past that


Oooh, clapped a toxic scrub with a meme card. Noice.


When you have an unlimited deck that crushes the competetion so hard every game is worth sharing to this thread, but you dont want to reveal your secret weapon


Sure :slight_smile: it’s not cheap though and I doubt this version is ready for ranks. I want to work on it more once I get to diamond with nemeton.


When you pull off nemeton on curve


Why don’t you have flash freeze?


It’s only because the deck doesn’t have anything to keep it’s action bar healthy. The deck still needs work.


Ziran smash :grin:.


Double the thunder, double the fun


he played back to back zendos and an eternity painter


messing with salty player is fun…i mean lol xd


Anyone whom calls grimes unfun shall be shot in public by midnight.


whos doing the shooting?


Captain Hank Heart?


hanky :wink:
15 char


I also pulled a diamond golem when he killed it.
This was in unlimited XD