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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


yeah I won, he actually finished his turn when I took the picture



Bringing Mantra back, one Zirix at a time.


a week ago, on Twitch chat :
@nwardezir : Abjudicator is the totem spirit minion of Jay
@eurasianjay : Mantra is dead, move along fam
@nwardezir : but you’re not, you’ll find a way



Swarming the board with Sarlacs

I died to Desolator the turn following


Couldn’t you have made space for that 13/13 Excelcious to hit face?

Since a normal Sarlac can’t resummon on the same spot I was wondering if the same thing applies for Xor affected minions. I do see one space in your last few screens suggesting this.


Yes. I recalled that fact the turn right before she blasted me in the face with 3 Desolators. Just a little too late.


gib me decklist


Your army constantly self-upgrades? Cute, mine constantly self-replicates.


Thats why intellelectuals like us would just sit on top of the fault.


Standard creep deck just doing creep things.

Edit for clarity: I meant to play my unlimited creep deck when I queued but picked the wrong one. Glad to know even the weaker creep deck is good sometimes :slight_smile:


I was wondering why the Abyssal Juggernaut was 3/3 until I saw what had happened to the enemy general. :exploding_head:

Also, why is the enemy running Giago? Seems like an odd choice for even Hideatsu decks.


Wait, Darkspine doesnt double Abyssal Tormentors dmg???
Nvm…It does, I didnt see that the number was 136…


Just for you :eyes:


Oh man, I just had the craziest win. Sometimes the stars align, and the Sleet Dasher god gives you his blessing.

Thank you for your help tiger cubs.

My opponent told me he had EMP ready for next turn.

full game https://play.duelyst.com/replay?replayId=-LAX_gWyESlww3lSo4LT

Winterblade x Iceshatter Gauntlet does not kill Obelysks

Yeah, my deck is working exactly how it is supposed to… :wink:


I love how it says “20”
Flygon wanna play tommorrow morning? I can wake up at like 6 or 8 my time and maybe we can test some decks, itll be 14-16 for u right?


What was that mysterious noob’s card?


The mystery cards is:drum: SWARMKING SCARAByay!


So if you have gauntlet on as well does that mean ilena’s the ultimate board wipe?


Sadly no :disappointed_relieved: Iceshatter Gauntlet only triggers on minions stunned before the attack. Where as Winterblade freeze only once you damaged the minion.