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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


The true mvp goes to faulty for not insta-conceding and letting me get the lethal off


Yeah, every time I complete Gate as Gate Cass, they insta concede and dont let me Creep combo them.


Seismoid Mech Mill Destroyer of decks not the best representation of the deck but it is so much fun. Context Entropic Gaze for 4 dmg then I got two blaze hounds from the draw and a replace for 4 dmg then bloodbound skill for the kill.


Always wanted to play Magmar.


I love it when scrollbandit sticks. There was a time I played 3 conceiling shrouds against Faice. Felt so good…


This is something you don’t see everyday…


Yeah, I thought you were a vet main? Why’re you convening with the enemy?!?!?


Wha What, I’m not working with the enemy. I’m just building a few gates so that the demons from the Undervault can go on a rampage in Mythron. What is wrong with that? It is not like I have gone mad with power or anything, no no it is nothing like that :sweat:


Still doesn’t excuse you for the “hiding behind my impenetrable wall of minions” tactic. That’s a forbidden art, the likes of which you should know very well Mr. “I mained vet when vet couldn’t get past a BMP wraithling wall.”

I do have to commend you for building 2 gates though, the architects would be pleased


But I wasn’t hiding behind an impenetrable wall of minions, I was pushed in a corner to hide from backstabbing Scroll Bandits and later pulled from the back by a terrible Zendo!

Although you do have a point, I have yet to lose a game where I completed gate, even against Burn decks who would have a chance to finish me off with out of hand damage (although some of those games were very close). But given how hard it is to complete Gate, that may be justified.


Vet don’t do that, never ever.



cough Shim Kron Obelysks cough


Gate is an auto-win card, since there is no card that is able to match the amount of value it produces. Xor comes close, but doesnt quite cut it.


More importantly, how wasn’t he already dead at that point with two active gates on the board (based on the note that those Moonriders have done some moving away from the Gates)


I was about to KhaKa him to hell and back.



Why you should never give up.


I will never say anything against Songhai ever again.

My Worldcore deck worked… a bit too well maybe.


First the T2 Worldcore. Kujata was unimpressed by the Frigid Corona:

sadly he was turned into an iced bear. Also no good replace:

The bear got killed because of my greedy movement. Then the perfect draw.

Ripper made this easy mode, but I had the cards to play Celebrant to actually gain mana if the tile had been taken.


Btw I had already played 3 knucklestorms when I took the picture


So you won? Because unless those minions are exhausted, he looks like he’s a pheonix fire away from getting a lethal



I never post here but I thought this grindy ass legion game is worth.