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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Ultimate Vet boner, check:
lethal hit with a Fault poop Dervish buffed with all the 3 Wishes cast consecutively.


the turn Strategos entered, i wanted to concede
however, it was Unranked so i just played it out…
and i topdecked Gust :sirpenti:


Blood echoes are a great thing Was going to feature this in my arcanyst trial spotlight but guess what, he still managed to kill me. Blood of air has to rotate


Can’t spawn dervishes when there’s no space available


You can play aymara and blood of air though


Oh, how I do love hatefurnace.



Trust no one, not even a 0/2.


Sarlac or Xor’d minions actually can’t respawn on the space they already occupy, so he just has to punch one, play a minion, punch another one, play a minion. Two permanently dead Sarlac and two empty spaces


Ok, that’s a bit counterintuitive


I’ve never seen Extinction Event before, and… now I want one


and that was against hopper…damn


That’s a way I like to start a match :wink:
(thanks Reaper of the 9 RNG)

Grimes did the job too on that other match


Not even Hate Furnace can save you here, Starhorn.


What is that abomination of Gate you are playing??? Cass Gate is better IMO, makes better use out of the tormentor


You need lots of creep to abuse Tormentor, and honestly building gate is good enough of a wincon by itself. Also, Cassyva has a harder time using Darkfire Sacrifice so that you can double Timekeeper or ramp into one of my threatening minions.


Luckily Lilithe doesn’t have any ways to abuse Vorpal :stuck_out_tongue:


welcome to meme hell, where you can be triple artifact trial complete nose sajj playing against a 0 board chakram lilithe and still lose.


It works for me anyways. You can see it in meme deck contest


Grimes worked


You are a god my friend, A true god.