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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


I have no words…


Nice heart covering the “dis” in disconnected.


However it’s pretty simple : “Oh, look, it’s that deck again.” :wink:


Do NOT play Chirpuka against Rizen.


I finally did it guys! I milled their deck completely!


I too can get out a second turn Wanderer you filthy lizard


Roses are red
Violets are blue
This game was easy
And mali is cancer to


What the actual fuck


And I thought abyssian was the new mill faction :smile:


My opponent was emote spamming the entire game trying to tilt me, not to mention he was timer stalling later.


Steal Abyssian deck working exactly as planned.

What's that? Aymara Healer? Your Falcius can handle that for me.


Oh no, another Aymara healer? Whatever will I do? How about Falcius number two?



The world will be a better place if I assume that was an intentional rhyme.


I always wanted to play Vetruvian.

I didn’t win this game.


If I wasn’t as lazy as I am, I’d post screenshots from the game where I got Zendo from both Demonic Conversion and Unleash the Evil :slight_smile:


Very satisfying finish to the Xor mirror, screenshots don’t do it justice…

… and a disgusting, stomach turning turn 4 OTK lethal from Jogda that actually made me want to never play the game ever again :slight_smile:



Arcanysts. Outswarming swarm Lilithe since 2016.


inb4 betrayal

and while I’m not gonna like your post @whyb0t, I will say that I too am absolutely disgusted by that

and that ending infinite desolator combo! Wth?!


This is actually my favorite part


Lol Unleash the Evil is easily my second favorite card of the whole expansion