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Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Oh no, our Noshrak is 3 mana instead of 1, whatever shall we do? :laughing:


New addition to my meme collection.

This drawing is called “Who needs Variax?”

Maybe it’s hard to notice, but some wraithlings have provoke, so I’m cosplaying swarm Brome. My Wraithlings…hm…promoted.


Starhorn looks like he’s just flipped over a very large table


No, he looks like he wants to play Juggernaut and concede.

Spoilers: He did just that


Sad. Hitting Jugg with that 10/12 wraithling would be so satisfying!


Man, this is easily my favorite thread here. So much fun to catch up on.

I love it when a plan comes together, kid

@alexx55 Did fine with Magesworn Variax pre-xpack, don’t see why it would be bad now.


The 2 Bastions with furiosa look like a boss battle Quick, someone call @ThanatosNoa

err wait, who comes up with boss battles again?


Yeah, @ThanatosNoa, we missing your weekly posts for the Boss Battles! Who else is gonna tell me about the collection of items sure to enhance my Duelyst experience?


when you cant remove them prominences and scintillas. I healed back from 6


Lodestar is hilarious, but what is better than one hilarious Lodestar? Lots of hilarious Lodestars of course!

I couldn’t stop laughing during this match :rofl:


You run Strategos on Argeon? How does it work?


But there isnt one :thinking: Were you refdering to my hand?


Nothing then. I thought you were running Strategos because of Legion and War Adjudicator.


I run legion because he is great for the early game, as well because i have 1x Orbo and War Abjudicator is actually awesome in this meta, against Songhai, against Vanar, Martyrdom nullified, Abyss removal nullified, Vet removal also.
Edit: Also helps setup Divine Liturgy


Dammit. What happens when lodestars collide?

On a serious note. I see now. They build a solo deck counter into this expansion.


Everybody just flies all over the field, you have to see it in action, screenshots alone can’t describe it.


Lodestar should’ve had a Dying Wish that deals damage to nearby minions. Would’ve been cool.


Fledgling MVP. Best bird confirmed.


Something something DDOS something uninstall something CPG pitchforks.


This is a Sajj game. It is a bit mean to the Vaath but it has the anime ending I was always dreaming of.
(sadly I only own one Time Maelstrom)