Decks working exactly how they're supposed to


Lived the dream of turn 2 Khymera. Not the most impressive tokens, but the ones that followed were better. From all the generals, of course this happened against Zir’an.


A generic control Sajj list, except with more Saon, against a zirix that made some bad trades early and got too aggressive later.


There has been better scenarios but i thought this was funny


When nimbus REALLY goes off.


Finally got the full “otk”


Thought I’d post this here. Couple play mistakes.
Happened to work in my favor.


The key to surviving any Apocalypse is proper preperations

I did lose the match because of Ghost Azalea. You get way more damage out of Ghost Azalea then Obliterate. Most times it is used for a single swing but I got hit by it 3 times in a row and ended up barely losing.


I never played ziran before so I decided to give her a shot due to me being bored. This happened in my first game ever with her. I can definitely see the appeal.

note: the additional attack values are all form sunforgers.


Yeah, played 2-3 games with the new Healyonar deck I put together. Incredibly fun, the synergy and the raw healing let’s you trade easily.


Yeah, setup-dependant combo-ish decks like Healyonar or Arcanysts are very fun to play. Speaking of that, this is a budget Arkara deck I’ve been working with:

I can’t say it worked exactly like it should because I made many dumb mistakes, but it did work better than I expected for a first try. Two turns later there were so many bodies on the map my enemy conceded instead of running to a corner and praying he found a Plasma Storm


when twin fang works as it supposed to in third round. (no dance of dreams)



Decks working exactly how they’re supposed to … mulliganwise :slight_smile:


Finally I feel like I have 1 screenshot that captures a deck of mine working exactly as planned!
(I have many matches that come together beautifully but screenshots is harder as it’s just 1 moment)

It’s a Portal Guardian deck:

(he was dead the next turn as my portal guardian grew to 9 attack, also have a screenshot of that but it’s less indicative imo, so I chose this one)


Holy crap dude that’s old zirix bbs, this is old


+1 for using my favorite card!!


I used to play that legitimately before kron got needed and it was actually real strong.


I’ll probably use it again cause it wrecks TempoLyo


I remember you were making a healyonar deck awhile back and I just made one that’s been very competitive in my testing against the top tier deck right now. I posted it last night you should check it out


Looks pretty good, sadly I am fairly new to Lyonar and consequently dont have the legendaries this deck requires. Once I can afford it, I’ll definitely give it a try!